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Debunked: New Computer-Simulated Pine Island Glacier Doomsday Paper Ignores Science

A recent paper announcing Pine Island Glacier doom failed to consider other findings showing the glacier is in fact more stable than assumed. A new paper by Rosier et al concludes – based on model simulations – that the Pine…

Warmer ocean temperatures may decrease Saharan dust crossing the Atlantic

Every year millions of tons of dust from the Sahara Desert are swirled up into the atmosphere and carried across the Atlantic. Research suggests that, as the climate changes, Saharan dust transport will decrease.

Climatologist: Global ‘Warming’ Is Only HALF Of What Models Predict

The claim by the Biden Administration that climate change has placed us in a moment of “profound crisis” ignores the fact that the energy policy changes being promoted are based upon computer model simulations that have produced average warming rates…

Scientists more confident projecting ENSO changes under global warming – EurekAlert

IMAGE: The responses to ENSO of boundary layer humidity, rainfall, tropospheric temperature and circulation are amplified in a warmer climate view more  Credit: IAP El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is an irregular periodic variation in winds and sea surface temperatures (SSTs) over…

Scientists more confident projecting ENSO changes under global warming

(Chinese Academy of Sciences Headquarters) Scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and their collaborators are more confident in projecting ENSO changes under global warming, although ENSO-related climate variability seems doomed to increase.

Ocean eddies strongly affect global mean sea-level projections – Science Advances

INTRODUCTION Satellite-observed sea-level measurements indicate an ongoing increase in the global mean sea level since the satellite era (1–3). Global mean sea-level rise (GMSLR) threatens low-lying coastal regions, and these regions will benefit strongly from sea-level projections to adapt their…

A combined influence of three oceans on record-breaking rainfall over China in June 2020

(Science China Press) The rainfall over the Yangtze River Valley in June 2020 broke the record since 1979. Previous studies have attributed the rainfall in China to climate variations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Scientists in South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences find that all three oceans of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans contribute to the Yangtze River Valley rainfall in June 2020, but the Atlantic plays a dominant role.

MITCHELL: Man-made global warming: Deception by degrees – North State Journal

File photo In the previous article in this series on alleged man-made global warming, we discussed how climate scientists have used inherently unreliable data to “prove” their case. We explained that the analog surface temperature readings that have been used…

The Climate Role Of Our Sun Confirmed

If you ask most climate scientists, they will tell you that the Sun’s small variability is unimportant when it comes to influencing climate. They may have to change their minds if a new line of research holds up. It seems…