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Climate change: The Arctic sea ice retreats, opening shipping lanes –

The Arctic is now open for business year-round after a large commercial ship sailed the Northern Sea Route from Jiangsu, China, to a Russian gas plant on the Arctic coast, for the first time ever during the month of February,…

Blaming a wiggly jet stream on climate change? Not so fast – Ars Technica

Enlarge / The weather map on February 15. reader comments 100 with 54 posters participating Share this story Some songs are earworms—catchy whether you like them or not. (I won’t infect the rest of your day with an example.) Some…

Steady now: Unfortunate timing and rate of change may be enough to tip a climate system

(University of Copenhagen – Faculty of Science) Unpredictable, abrupt changes to Earth’s system of ocean currents could commence from rate-induced tipping, model study shows. ‘The findings point to fundamental limitations inclimate predictability,’ authors warn.

Fact: Science Shows Polar Bears Are Thriving Despite Sea-Ice Loss

Is Facebook now an expert on polar bear conservation status? Apparently, they have decreed themselves the last word for online content. There is a plan afoot to label anything that says polar bears are not being harmed by recent sea…

Media reaction: Texas ‘deep freeze’, power blackouts and the role of global warming – Carbon Brief

This week, a blast of Arctic air has engulfed much of the central US, bringing freezing conditions and record low temperatures to many states. Texas, in particular, has been badly affected, with grid operators hit by power outages and struggling…

How icebergs really melt — and what this could mean for climate change

(University of Sydney) Iceberg melt is responsible for about half the fresh water entering the ocean from the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. Accurately modelling how it enters is important for understanding potential impact on ocean circulation.

How is the Polar Vortex Linked to Climate Change? – Treehugger

For the Central and Eastern United States, this has been a particularly brutal winter. Fargo, North Dakota has seen sub-zero temperatures since February 5, The Washington  Post reported, while New York City has gotten hit with around 22 inches of…

Scientists awarded Fulbright scholarships to study climate and the environment

(University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science) University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Associate Professor Lora Harris and Ph.D. candidate Christina Goethel have been named Fulbright Scholars for 2021-2022. Harris will use her award to work in Finland on questions of estuarine ecology, and Goethel will use her award to support post-doctoral research and teaching in Iceland.

Journal Nature Refutes Claim A Warmer Arctic Causes Extreme Cold Snaps

The polar vortex theory takes a beating: The claim that a warm Arctic is behind the brutally cold winter conditions at the mid-latitudes is shown by a Nature study to be scientifically baseless. Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne. Now that Europe…