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13 perfect snowflakes captured in photos

Snowflakes — those intricate, one-of-a-kind ice crystals — form when precipitation falls through varying levels of humidity and temperatures in the air. While plenty has been written about the science of snow, we’re focusing on the sheer beauty of them….

Rather Than Polluting Icy Roadsides With Salt, Scientists Use Recycled Biowaste From Fruit

The U.S. spends $5 billion a year to repair damages to road infrastructure from winter snow and ice control operations and the use of traditional de-icers. Every year, roughly 27 million tons of sodium chloride, commonly known as road salt, is used on U.S. roadways for winter maintenance. The chlorides do not degrade in the […]

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Ex-Trump Official: WH Aides Too ‘Nervous’ To Dispute ‘Climate Crisis’ Claims

President Trump wants to bring back “rationality” to federal climate policies, but many of his White House advisers are “nervous” about the political and media fallout, according to a former Trump official. Princeton physicist Will Happer, who recently returned to…


EMISSIONS: Quitting burgers and planes won’t stop warming, experts say

Eating less red meat, boarding fewer airplanes and buying efficient lightbulbs can all help reduce planet-warming emissions. But focusing on individual actions can undermine the global fight against climate change, according to experts.

Siberian researchers contribute to global monitoring of the Earth’s Green Lungs

(Siberian Federal University) Researchers of Siberian Federal University took part in a global project to collect, systematize and universalize data on the composition of forests in all climatic zones and on all continents of the planet.


People Are Afraid Of Change, Not Climate Change

Unless someone is breaking a hundred dollar bill or receiving change from a purchase, people do not like change, especially when it comes to the fact that they are being told they need to change their habits or their way of thinking

Climate Models Got It Right on Global Warming – Scientific American

There’s a favorite argument among doubters of mainstream climate science: Climate models overestimate the rate at which the Earth is warming. That claim surfaces time and again and is frequently based on single examples of uncertainty or cherry-picked data. Various…

Why NASA wants to 'touch the sun'

The sun, the very centerpiece of our solar system and the most important source of energy for life on Earth, has a visitor. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has been studying the sun, flying closer than ever before, and making incredible…

PBS Claims Fox News Is ‘Helping to Destroy the Planet’

The website of taxpayer-subsidized Boston PBS superstation WGBH posted a commentary by local professor Dan Kennedy on December 3 provocatively titled “How Fox News Is Helping Destroy the Planet.” Kennedy writes a column weekly for and is a panelist…

Scientists find mysterious galaxies that don't have any dark matter

True to its name, dark matter has long been one of the universe’s biggest mysteries. It is, after all, invisible, emitting no light whatsoever. And yet, we know it exists by the gravitational strings it pulls. Stars, literally, dance to…