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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Scientists Power a Computer Using Only Algae and Daylight to Make the Electricity

Researchers have used a widespread species of blue-green algae to power a microprocessor continuously for a year—and counting—using nothing but ambient light and water. Their system has potential as a reliable and renewable way to power small devices. Comparable in size to an AA battery, the system contains a type of non-toxic algae called Synechocystis that […]

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The big takeaways from the IPCC’s recent report on climate change – Niskanen Center

Earlier this spring, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the third report from its sixth cycle of assessments. The previous two reports in this cycle addressed the physical science and impacts and vulnerabilities, while this report from Working…

How fast can we stop Earth from warming? – Daily Montanan – Daily Montanan

Global warming doesn’t stop on a dime. If people everywhere stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, stored heat would still continue to warm the atmosphere. Picture how a radiator heats a home. Water is heated by a boiler, and the hot…

Climate change doubled the likelihood of South Africa’s floods – E&E News

Parts of South Africa are still reeling nearly a month after heavy rains and catastrophic floods wracked the coastal city of Durban and surrounding areas, killing hundreds of people and destroying thousands of homes. Now, scientists say the extreme rainfall…

Heat waves, floods and heavy rain: India battling climate change and it is getting worse, warn experts – The Financial Express

The spectre of climate change is here to stay and even worsen, say climate scientists as searing winds blow across swathes of north India, including New Delhi where temperatures have crossed 49 degrees Celsius, and flash floods ravage parts of…

The Monday After: Getting historical perspective on climate change – Canton Repository

Climate change has been one of the most debated environmental issues in the world during recent years. In Canton it isn’t a new discussion. Articles about the changing climate have been printed on pages of The Canton Repository for nearly…

Climate Change Is a ‘Game Changer’ When It Comes to Heatwaves, Say Experts – ScienceAlert

All heatwaves today bear the unmistakable and measurable fingerprint of global warming, top experts on quantifying the impact of climate change on extreme weather said Wednesday. Burning fossil fuels and destroying forests have released enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere…

Annapolis-based nonprofit prepares to set sail for Greenland to study climate change on the newly commissioned sailboat – Capital Gazette

There’s a saying among oceanographers that the bigger your ship, the better your research. The Annapolis-based Ocean Research Project would like to prove that adage wrong. Saturday at City Dock, the nonprofit commissioned its newest research vessel, the R/V Marie…

Breaking: Black Hole at Heart of Our Galaxy Pictured For First Time

The gargantuan black hole which binds our galaxy together with its powerful gravity has been imaged for the first time. The capture relied on the collaboration of telescopes from all over the world acting in sync, collecting several millions of gigabytes of data to present the burning accretion disk of Sagittarius A—our black hole’s official […]

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