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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Moon found orbiting near-Earth asteroid

Isn’t this cool? Scientists at the famous Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico made this rare find just days after resuming post-earthquake operations. It’s a moon orbiting the near-Earth asteroid 2020 BX12.

Even the Hardy Tardigrade Will Take a Hit From Global Warming – InsideClimate News

Scientists increasingly have been linking global warming with plant and animal die-offs now happening at a rate comparable to some of Earth’s worst mass extinction events.  Heat takes a toll in many different ways. Cold-blooded animals like fish and reptiles…

Bernie Gets Pranked Into Believing He’s Talking To Greta Thunberg

Two Russian pranksters who have a YouTube Channel (Vovan222prank) set up a phone call with U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (S-VT), in which they impersonated Greta Thunberg and her father Svante. Throughout the phone call, which they animated,…

Delta And The World Need Carbon Offsets To Stop Global Warming – Forbes

Delta Air Lines said Friday it will invest $1 billion over the next 10 years in measures designed to … [+] offset climate-warming carbon emissions from its planes. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File) ASSOCIATED PRESS Delta Air Lines’ announcement on Valentine’s…

Climate change: Why trains are not as green as you thought – The Next Web

Did you know TNW Conference has a track fully dedicated to exploring how tech can help achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this year? Check out the full ‘Sustainable Societies‘ program here. The 2020s will have to involve some…

Dunsmuir Elementary students take on global warming – Mount Shasta Herald

DES teachers Rami White and Kathleen Shirley went to the aquarium for training on climate issues and with the tools and resources provided, they are teaching their sixth through eighth grade students how to make changes to help support their…

Fast-charging, long-running, bendy energy storage breakthrough

(University College London) A new bendable supercapacitor made from graphene, which charges quickly and safely stores a record-high level of energy for use over a long period, has been developed and demonstrated by UCL and Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers.

Water in the shadows of boulders on Mars?

A new study from the Planetary Research Institute suggests that briny water could temporarily form on Mars’ surface in the shadows of boulders for just a few days each Martian year.