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SeasonWatch Is an Indian Initiative to Track Climate Change by Observing Trees – Gadgets 360

The neem tree growing outside my house is a shape-shifter. Every year, without fail, in the cool dry winter its leaves become tired and yellow-brown, and sometimes fall off completely. Just as the weather turns a bit warmer, heralding the…

Celebrate Earth Day 2021 with NASA

For Earth Day 2021 (April 22), NASA highlights science and technology that is helping us live more sustainably on our home planet and adapt to natural and human-caused changes. Here’s how to participate.

Scientist Thinks He Finally Knows Why People Hear Sounds Coming From the Northern Lights

Epitomizing the old adage of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” a group of volunteers and scientists in Finland have set out to prove or disprove that the aurora borealis, or northern lights, make sounds. For hundreds of years reports of sizzling, cracking, or whooshing sounds abound, especially from Indigenous people living in the Arctic, but […]

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Turning waste plastic into carbon nanotubes to transmit electricity

(Swansea University) Scientists at Swansea University are extracting carbon atoms found in waste plastics and turning them into a nanotube format that can be used for the transmission of electricity. They are producing plastic electric cables without the copper wire inside them, which can be used in residential and industrial construction.The Welsh government is investing in the plastics upscaling project, which has the potential to create highly-skilled jobs in Wales.

Start of ITER assembly paves way for fusion energy era

(Terry Collins Assoc) French President Macron and leaders of partner nations declare the beginning of a new energy era with the official start of the assembly of the world’s largest fusion device.The ITER machine in Southern France will replicate the Sun’s fusion power, offering clean, reliable energy without CO2 emissions with no physical possibility of a run-away meltdown.When finished, ITER is expected to demonstrate that fusion power can be generated sustainably on a commercial scale.

How to track migratory birds near you

With so many people spending a lot more time at home, many have become obsessed with nature. In addition to Netflix and social media, bird-watching has become a popular pastime. As we fill up our feeders, we eagerly awaiting the…

MDI Biological Laboratory-led program reveals high arsenic in well water

(Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory) A program to teach data literacy to Maine and New Hampshire students by analyzing data on arsenic in well water collected from their homes has found that 25 percent of samples exceed the New Hampshire maximum safety level of 5 parts per billion (ppb) and 15 percent exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum safety level of 10 ppb.

4 things you can do for science from home

You might be surprised by how much you can do for the world from home. (Photo: Sunny studio/Shutterstock) Eventually, even Netflix will run its course. There’s only so many seasons of so many shows you can soak up from self-imposed…