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‘Climate Change Is Not a Subjective Thing.’ How Does the U.S. Approach to the Environment Look From Abroad?

“All right. Let’s see. I’m going to hit play.” Flint switched from water purchased from the City of Detroit to water pumped from the Flint River. “The tomatoes were turning black.” “My water comes out of my faucet smelling like…

Republicans ask why White House removed climate scientist – The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two House Republicans are asking the White House for documents to explain why a scientist appointed by the Trump administration was removed from her post overseeing a government-wide report on climate change. Betsy Weatherhead, a career scientist…

How a Greentech Success Provides a Model for Battling Climate Change – Built In

As the climate crisis and its compounding effects increase in both frequency and severity around the globe, the reality that world leaders have failed to meet the greatest challenge of our time with practical climate policy solutions becomes more evident….

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame announces 2021 inductees

(University of South Florida (USF Innovation)) Seven Florida Inventors whose discoveries are saving lives, transforming the environment, and creating new technologies are named as 2021 Inductees to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. Among them are Dean Kamen, often referred to as the modern Thomas Edison due to the scope of his trailblazing inventions, including the Segway®; and Mark Dean, who holds three patents for the original IBM PC and is co-inventor of the ISA bus which revolutionized modern computing.

Biden’s ‘Green New Deal’ Is All Glitter, Nonsense, And Deception

Having spent our adult lives involved with and supporting science and technology, it is frustrating and infuriating to endure uninformed politicians, pundits, and ideologues bloviating about the climate, to say nothing of the pointless dithering about whether we should be…

Study of marine noise highlights need to protect pristine Australian waters

(Curtin University) New Curtin research has found urgent action is needed to ensure man-made underwater noise in Australian waters does not escalate to levels which could be harmful to marine animals, such as whales, and negatively impact our pristine oceans.

Implications are global in new study predicting Human exodus in Bangladesh

(NYU Tandon School of Engineering) Researchers led by Maurizio Porfiri at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, apply data science to predict how the cascading effects of the migration in Bangladesh will ultimately affect 1.3 million people across the country by 2050.

Scientists have cultured the first stable coral cell lines

(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University) Researchers in Japan have established sustainable cell lines in a coral – a success which could prove to be a pivotal moment for gaining a deeper understanding of the biology of these vital marine creatures. Seven out of eight cell cultures, seeded from the stony coral, Acropora tenuis, have continuously proliferated for over 10 months. The results were published in Marine Biotechnology on the 26th April 2021.

Climate Change Has Shifted the Axis of the Earth – SciTechDaily

Loss of water on land through ice melting and human-caused factors is changing the movement of the North and South poles. Glacial melting due to global warming is likely the cause of a shift in the movement of the poles…

Joe Biden: Climate Denier In Chief

In anticipation of the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate, a two-day global gathering of more than 40 world leaders, President Joe Biden declared that the United States had a “moral imperative” to adopt an “ambitious” goal of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions…