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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Decoder: How are food and climate change connected? – News-Decoder

Food systems contribute greatly to climate change. Cooling the planet might require shaking up our meal plans. Substitute meat brands at a supermarket in Westchester County, New York, 16 February 2021. (STRF/STAR MAX/IPx) This article is the fifth in a…

Is global warming a myth? | By Mujeeb-ur-Rahman – Pakistan Observer

Is global warming a myth? GLOBAL warming has been discussed widely in recent times and it has been politicalized worldwide. Recent changes in the temperature and in climate which cost the lives of thousands of people’s shows how it is…

What Schools Can Do To Fight Climate Change – Virginia Connection Newspapers

Principal Sara Harper displays energy awards with Halia Ochieng and Alexa Landi, who are 6th graders at Great Falls Elementary School and the co-founders of Climate Conservation Club (CCC). Whether you are concerned about fuel prices, global warming, or dependence…

Teens Know Climate Change Is Real. They Want Schools to Teach More About It – Education Week

High school students are more likely than adults to agree with the scientific consensus that climate change is being driven by human activity—but many teenagers remain confused about the underlying causes of global warming. The findings, from a new nationwide…

At COP27, The UN Wants Public Schools To Spread Climate Propaganda

Start ‘em young I guess. The left is after our kids in more ways than you may think. Their latest idea is to indoctrinate kids and turn them into little climate activists. Government officials, world leaders, and other climate alarmists…


Halloween Candy Wrappers Are Hard to Recycle!

An estimated 600 million pounds of Halloween candy was handed out on October 31st. Each miniature or full-size candy is individually wrapped in a plastic wrapper. While that small wrapper may seem insignificant to you, add them all up. 600 million candy wrappers, plus the plastic bags they come in and the plastic bags some […]

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