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Landmark study generates first genomic atlas for global wheat improvement

In a landmark discovery for global wheat production, a team has sequenced the genomes for 15 wheat varieties representing breeding programs around the world, enabling scientists and breeders to much more quickly identify influential genes for improved yield, pest resistance and other important crop traits.

The Socialist Green Agenda IS The ‘Great Reset’

The green agenda IS the Great Reset. One of the few political leaders who gets this is President Donald Trump. On Sunday he warned in a video statement from the White House to the Group of 20 Summit hosted by…


Revealed: Covid recovery plans threaten global climate hopes

The prospect of a global green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is hanging in the balance, as countries pour money into the fossil fuel economy to stave off a devastating recession, an analysis for the Guardian reveals. Meanwhile, promises of…

Scientists Turn Plastic Waste Into Valuable Commodities, Creating a Bigger Market for Waste Materials

As much as plastic has been maligned in recent years, it was actually a remarkable invention for humanity, allowing us to craft unique materials for essential items and everyday necessities. The problem is that so much of it ends up in landfills and oceans. The best way forward in dealing with plastic today is to […]

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Joe Biden’s Insane War On The Oil And Gas Industry

Joe Biden wants to take one of the great American success stories of the last several decades — and drive it into the ground. He would turn his back on the stupendous wealth represented by proven reserves of oil and…

Eco-Activists’ Well-Funded War On Pennsylvania’s Energy Industry

Summary: The Keystone State, an oil and natural gas powerhouse, is under siege by an alliance of well-organized, well-funded “green” activists. From cap-and-trade schemes meant to bleed ratepayers dry to fracking bans on one of Pennsylvania’s most vital industries, the…

Dust dampens albedo effect, spurs snowmelt in the heights of the Himalayas

Dust blowing onto high mountains in the western Himalayas is a bigger factor than previously thought in hastening the melting of snow there, researchers show. That’s because dust – lots of it in the Himalayas – absorbs sunlight, heating the snow that surrounds it.