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Two centuries of Monarch butterflies show evolution of wing length

(University of California – Davis) North America’s beloved Monarch butterflies are known for their annual, multi-generation migrations in which individual insects can fly for thousands of miles. But Monarchs have also settled in some locations where their favorite food plants grow year round, so they no longer need to migrate. A new study of specimens collected over the last two centuries shows how wing length evolves in response to migration habits.

Genome sequencing shows climate barrier to spread of Africanized bees

Since the 1950s, ‘Africanized’ honeybees have spread north and south across the Americas until apparently coming to a halt in California and northern Argentina. Now genome sequencing of hundreds of bees from the northern and southern limits shows a gradual decline in African ancestry across hundreds of miles, rather than an abrupt shift.

Face-Masked Batman is ‘The Superhero to the Homeless’, Bringing Food to Them Across Santiago

The streets of Santiago, Chile may be a long way from Gotham City, but among its citizens dwells a true superhero. Far from being a fictional crime-solver, he’s a real-life hunger fighter who distributes food to the city’s homeless population on a regular basis. With his Batmobile—or in this case, white SUV—fully stocked with a […]

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Penguins are Aussies: Or are they Kiwis?

Researchers sequenced the genomes of all 18 recognized species of penguin to assemble a family tree, showing that the largest of the penguins – king and emperor – split off from all other penguins not long after penguins arose 22 million years ago in Australia and New Zealand. Other penguins diversified after Drake’s Passage opened, revving up the circumpolar current and allowing penguins to spread throughout the southern hemisphere.

Beautiful Mural in Warsaw Eats Up Smog, Purifying The Air Equal to 720 Trees

Warsaw, Poland became the latest city to feature public art projects that also clean city air, as a giant mural made of special, sun-activated, smog-cleaning pigments was painted by local artists. Organized by the sportswear company Converse as part of their City-Forests campaign, the mural was produced using photocatalytic paint with titanium dioxide that attracts […]

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When is the next great comet?

There’s a nice binocular comet – comet NEOWISE – in the early morning sky now. Some experienced observers are catching it with the eye alone. It’s nice … but not great. When will we see our next great comet?

Chile Orders 150 Electric Buses From BYD!

Miami, where you at? NYC, where you at? Chicago, where you at? Los Angeles, where you at? Chile just order 150 electric buses from BYD to transport people around its capital city of Santiago. Yes, 150!

Life-emulating molecules show basic metabolism

(University of Groningen) In a system with self-replicating molecules -previously shown to have the capability to grow, divide and evolve – chemists from the University of Groningen have now discovered catalytic capabilities that result in a basic metabolism. Furthermore, they linked a light-sensitive dye to the molecules, which enabled them to use light energy to power growth. These findings, which bring artificial life one step closer, were published in the journals Nature Chemistry and Nature Catalysis on 26 June 2020.