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NPR Falsely Claims Rising Seas Will Drown Google And Facebook Campuses

Among the top Google News search results today for “climate change” is a National Public Radio (NPR) article claiming the Google and Facebook (pictured) campuses near San Francisco Bay are vulnerable to rising seas caused by climate change. The article…

Heat Wave and Wildfire Updates: Climate Change News – The New York Times

Extreme Weather and Climate Updates July 27, 2021Updated  July 27, 2021, 4:49 p.m. ET July 27, 2021, 4:49 p.m. ET The Dixie Fire burned near Quincy, Calif., on Monday.Credit…Jungho Kim for The New York Times Residents of Montana and Wyoming…

Paralyzed Man’s Brain Waves Get Turned Into Sentences on Computer, Scientists ‘Thrilled’ Beyond Words

Researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully developed a “speech neuroprosthesis” that has enabled a man with severe paralysis to communicate in sentences—translating signals from his brain to the vocal tract directly into words that appear as text on a screen. The achievement builds on more than a decade of effort by UCSF neurosurgeon Edward […]

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Boulder Officials Admit Climate Lawsuit Is About Driving ‘Fundamental System Change’

Three years ago, when the City and County of Boulder and the County of San Miguel introduced their climate lawsuit, the municipalities’ elected leaders made it unmistakably clear that their case was solely about seeking damages to pay for the…

Wildfire smoke exposure linked to increased risk of contracting COVID-19

(Desert Research Institute) Wildfire smoke may greatly increase susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, according to new research from the Center for Genomic Medicine at the Desert Research Institute (DRI), Washoe County Health District (WCHD), and Renown Health (Renown) in Reno, Nev.

A Delta in Distress – InsideClimate News

Global warming has already left its mark on the backbone of California’s water supply, and represents a growing threat to its first developed agricultural region, state experts have warned in a new study.  The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta fuels California’s $3…

UTA researcher publishes study showing economic impacts of combating sea-level rise

(University of Texas at Arlington) Sea-level rise threatens to produce more frequent and severe flooding in coastal regions and is expected to cause trillions of dollars in damages globally if no action is taken to mitigate the issue. However, communities trying to fight sea-level rise could inadvertently make flooding worse for their neighbors, according to a new study from researchers at UT Arlington and the Stanford Natural Capital Project published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


PUBLIC HEALTH: Climate change can kill, but medical schools don’t teach it

During her first year of medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, the wildfire smoke was so bad that Karly Hampshire had to wear an N95 mask to protect herself. The Camp Fire blaze miles away had created a haze on campus so thick that Hampshire couldn’t see the horizon.

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