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How safe are e-cigarettes?

When e-cigarettes were introduced to the U.S. market in 2007, they were billed as a safe alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. But since then various studies have found that these e-cigs may not be so harmless after all. Researchers found…


Understanding C. auris transmission with the healthcare environment

Researchers have now shown that patients who are heavily colonized with Candida auris on their skin can shed the fungus and contaminate their surroundings. This finding provides an explanation for the extensive contamination that often occurs in healthcare facilities with C. auris outbreaks. These results can help inform infection control efforts.

Bay Area’s Electric Car Sales Have Nearly Doubled Thanks To Tesla Model 3

Originally posted on EVANNEX. Electric vehicle sales have nearly doubled in the Bay Area. The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “Partly because of the arrival of the Model 3, electric car sales locally have surged. In 2018, electric cars accounted for 13% of new passenger vehicle registrations in the Bay Area, up from 7% in 2017.” A look [&hellip

After Striking Out In Florida, Climate Litigators Target Honolulu

The list of cities, states, and counties suing energy companies continues to grow, as trial attorneys after hefty contingency fees continue their search for their next client. After a failed attempt by climate litigants in Fort Lauderdale, a spate of…


SEA-LEVEL RISE: Coastal states face $416B in adaptation costs — report

In the pecking order of places threatened by sea-level rise, small towns like Junction City, Wash., and Marathon, Fla., can’t match more densely populated cities like New York, San Francisco or Miami Beach.

New research shows an iceless Greenland may be in our future

New research shows that Greenland may be ice-free by the year 3000. This research uses new data on the landscape under the ice to make breakthroughs in modeling the island’s future. The findings show if greenhouse gas concentrations remain on their current path, the melting ice from Greenland alone could contribute as much as 24 feet to global sea level rise by the time it disappears.

Pace of Heat Records Will Pick Up with Warming – Scientific American

Extreme temperatures are setting heat records around the world almost every year. And it will become more and more common, scientists say. A study in Nature Climate Change yesterday finds that about 60% of the world will experience monthly temperature records every year by…

Winning Nat Geo photos reveal nature and humanity at their finest

National Geographic asked readers to show them the world, and these photographers didn’t disappoint, offering inspiring images from their travels. For the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest, the judges chose winning images in three categories — cities, people and…