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Why we're happier when we're older

It seems that the more candles you blow out on your cake, the happier your life can be. It’s known as the paradox of aging — so many things supposedly worsen with age, yet older people often have a better…


New feathered dinosaur shows dinosaurs grew up differently from birds

A new species of feathered dinosaur has been discovered in China. The one-of-a-kind specimen preserves feathers and bones that provide new information about how dinosaurs grew and how they differed from birds.

Teen interning at NASA discovers new planet

[embedded content] School advisors always tell students to make the most of summer internships. New York teen Wolf Cukier sure proves that point. The 17-year-old joined NASA’s internship program at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, after his junior…

Birds and bats have strange gut bacteria, and it might help them fly

We humans are relatively obsessed with the state of our gut bacteria. We have somewhere between 300 to 500 types of bacteria living in our digestive system, reports WebMD. Known as the microbiota, or the microbiome, research shows they impact…

Doctors perform cataract surgery on gorilla

[embedded content] Animal care specialists at San Diego Zoo Park noticed cloudiness in the left eye of one of their female lowland gorillas. Leslie, a beautiful 3-year-old, had a damaged lens, causing her to favor her right eye. A team…

A beautiful thing happened after coal-fired plants were shut down in the U.S.

You might expect shutting down coal-fired plants would net a few benefits. After all, there are good reasons why nation after nation have made it their mission to wean themselves off fossil fuels. Clearly, burning coal results in emissions that…

Birds and bats have strange gut microbiomes — probably because they can fly

(Field Museum) Gut bacteria help us fight disease and digest food, but not all animals rely on their microbiomes the way we do. A new study comparing the guts of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians shows that birds and bats have unusual microbiomes — probably because they both can fly.

The power of unusual animal friendships

We know that sometimes animals have unlikely friendships. Whether it’s circumstances that throw them together or they just happen to find a friend from another species, animals will occasionally become pals, creating an unconventional alliance. These unusual relationships cause a…