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Florida Everglades fire spreads to 32,000 acres

[embedded content] The Sawgrass Fire in the Florida Everglades has almost doubled in the course of one day. It now covers 32,000 acres. The brush fire is just south of Interstate 75. Smoke from the blaze is also drifting across…

Tesla’s Autopilot Snaps A Selfie As It Dances Away From Incoming Car

Tesla’s Autopilot is an impressive driver assistance system, but the most important part of the system is its Active Safety capabilities. Its skills were put to the test in Toronto this week when a driver attempted to merge into the side of a Tesla. The 2017 Tesla Model S 100D responded as if it were [&hellip


Arsenic found in bottled water sold at major retailers

Major companies Whole Foods and Keurig Dr. Pepper are under fire for their spring water brands Peñafiel and Starkey, which, according to the California Center for Environmental Health, exceed the federal limit for arsenic.


These biodegradable sweaters ditch fast fashion in favor of sustainable cashmere

With a goal of replacing fast fashion with consciously consumed fashion, Frances Austen’s summer 2019 collection features 100 percent biodegradable sweaters made from sustainably sourced cashmere and silk.

Giant squid caught on camera in U.S. waters

[embedded content] When a team of 23 researchers lowered their specialized deep-sea camera into the water, they had no idea what they would find — or when — but they hoped to find something significant. It didn’t take long. After…


Michelin and GM are moving down the road with airless wheel prototype

The term, “Sustainable mobility” is likely to become increasingly more common as we work to identify ways for transportation to have less of an impact on the environment. This year, recognizable names Michelin and GM teamed up to deliver this message with the reveal of an airless wheel at the Movin’On summit for sustainable mobility. <!–more→ The Uptis prototype (Unique Punctureproof Tire System) is the product of a joint venture between the two companies with a common goal…

Antarctica: a trip to the heart of global warming – EL PAIS

The Antarctic is the only continent in the world without any countries, borders or wars. But it is here, on a windy, lonely ‘island’ twice the size of Australia where 90% of the planet’s ice survives, that scientists are wrestling…


Fast fashion is on the rampage, with the UK at the head of the charge

Fast fashion – the rapid system of trend-driven, low-cost clothing manufacture beloved by UK consumers – is on the rampage. We crossed a worrying line in 2014, scaling up garment production to 100bn pieces of new clothing a year. These…