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Rural Areas

Giving Thanks for a Beloved Sugar Maple

The old maple is dying. It faded slowly at first, but last summer it began to go fast, its lichen-covered limbs snapping and falling to the ground, the gray bark covered with dark green moss. It has far fewer leaves….

E&E News Falsely Claims Climate Change Behind Reno’s Rapid Warming

In a recent article published by E&E News Climate Wire, reporter Scott Waldman claims Reno, Nevada is the fastest-warming city in the United States. In this single article, titled “Nation’s fastest-warming city could decide Senate control,” Waldman makes the mistake…


Halloween Candy Wrappers Are Hard to Recycle!

An estimated 600 million pounds of Halloween candy was handed out on October 31st. Each miniature or full-size candy is individually wrapped in a plastic wrapper. While that small wrapper may seem insignificant to you, add them all up. 600 million candy wrappers, plus the plastic bags they come in and the plastic bags some […]

In North Carolina Senate Race, Global Warming Is On The Back Burner. Do Voters Even Care? – InsideClimate News

With purple North Carolina poised to play a leading role in next month’s midterm elections, the state grapples with dangerous “forever chemicals” in drinking water, a large legacy of toxic coal ash from coal-fired power plants, polluting hog farms and…

Africa vs. Climate Change – Harvard International Review

Climate change: one of the most pressing problems for every country. Or is it? Although it is common to hear of wealthier nations engaging in dialogue to combat the effects of global warming, climate change is not universally prioritized. While…

How Farmers in Colorado Are Taking Care of Their Mental Health

Aching from a string of farmer suicides and other mental health challenges, neighbors in rural eastern Colorado are learning how to check in on one another. But as the drought drags on, is talking enough? Oct. 6, 2022, 5:00 a.m….

From death to allergies, climate change harms health – Foothills Focus

As a climate change activist and mental health advocate, Arizona State University graduate Saiarchana Darira studies the effects of global warming not just on the environment but on the well-being of people worldwide. The recent graduate and self-described “environ(mental) health…

Global Warming Could Heat Up Kidney Stones Rate – Renal and Urology News

Climate change is thought to be responsible for much of the extreme weather affecting people around the world, such as stronger hurricanes and other storms that dump increasing amounts of rain and cause catastrophic flooding, unprecedented heat waves, and prolonged…

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