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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Millions of Tons of Earth Dug for New London Subway Line Became a New Bird Sanctuary

Multi-billion dollar civic engineering projects tend not to be good news for wildlife, but upon the completion of a new English underground railway line, the upturned earth was used to rebuild a coastal habitat for birds in Essex. The new bird sanctuary instantly became one of the richest in Britain’s coastline for avocets, spoonbills, black-tailed […]

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Former XR Spokesperson: The Sad Truth About Traditional Environmentalism

What if you’d dedicated most of your life to trying to save the planet, but then you realized that you may have actually—potentially—made things worse? Over the last few years, this has become one of my main concerns. I’ve been…

The Environmental Catastrophe Blowing Across The North Sea

Last month the House of Lords Environment Committee heard evidence about the effects of offshore wind farms on the marine environment. The hearing was notable for revealing signs of concern from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) about the…

Energy Politics

‘New deal’ risks fuelling emissions and eroding building standards

Boris Johnson’s plan to build tens of thousands of new homes risks locking in high carbon emissions for decades to come, if they are built to today’s poor efficiency standards instead of being designed for net zero carbon. The prime…

6 ways to protect bats and birds from wind turbines

Wind turbines are an important source of clean, renewable energy. They’re one of the fastest-growing power sources in the U.S., outpacing even natural gas. Unfortunately, they also sometimes kill birds and bats. That may sound like an environmental Catch-22, but…

The RSPB has a problem over its position on driven grouse shooting

Here are three somewhat disguised but accurate quotes from RSPB local groups on the subject of driven grouse shooting: I am Group Leader for the ******* Group. I have been an RSPB member for [decades] and a volunteer for [decades]….

100,000 signatures in 20 days

The significance of the 100,000 signatures for a ban on driven grouse shooting in a UK e-petition are various. And they come not so much because of the number of supporters but even more so in the speed of that…

Tim Melling – Hen Harrier

Tim writes: according to the RSPB, 2019 was a record year for Hen Harriers in England with 33 young fledged from 9 nests. But it is within my memory that 30 pairs nested in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland alone. Nine…

Poor old Duke

We are often told that Hen Harriers depend on grouse moors for their survival – this is a big lie rather than a small one. The fact is that Hen Harrier breeding success over a long period of time (in…

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