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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Automated Solar Arrays Could Help Incinerate Global Warming – WIRED

Plenty of days, temperatures in California’s Mojave Desert climb above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A measly figure. These 400 silvered glass panels, tucked into the western edge of that hot, hot desert, are there to generate heat 15 times that amount….

Pilgrims can still follow this ancient path from Canterbury to Rome

In 990 A.D., Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury, England, traveled to Rome to meet with Pope John XV. On his way home, he kept a detailed travel journal, noting 80 distinct stops along the route. His notes were important because so…

How anti-sprawl policies may be harming water quality

(Penn State) Urban growth boundaries are created by governments in an effort to concentrate urban development — buildings, roads and the utilities that support them — within a defined area. These boundaries are intended to decrease negative impacts on people and the environment. However, according to a Penn State researcher, policies that aim to reduce urban sprawl may be increasing water pollution.

Study: Humanity’s footprint is squashing world’s wildlife

(Wildlife Conservation Society) Using the most comprehensive dataset on the ‘human footprint,’ which maps the accumulated impact of human activities on the land’s surface, researchers from WCS, University of Queensland, and other groups found intense human pressures across the range of a staggering 20,529 terrestrial vertebrate species.

NASA satellite sees Blake’s remnants bringing desert rain to Western Australia

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA’s Aqua satellite provided a look at the remnant clouds and storms associated with Ex-tropical Cyclone Blake as it continues to move through Western Australia and generate rainfall over desert areas. Blake’s rainfall has triggered four area flood warnings in some parts of southeastern Western Australia. The remnants have dropped over 10 inches of rain in the Sandy Desert.

Australia fires and weather live: NSW and Victoria bushfires expected to flare amid extreme conditions – latest updates

Morrison is again asked about the government’s position on climate change, questioned on whether he needs to do more, and whether he might revisit the national energy guarantee – a policy that Morrison previously supported before a conservative uprising within…

In Australia’s Burning Forests, Signs We’ve Passed a Global Warming Tipping Point – InsideClimate News

As extreme wildfires burn across large swaths of Australia, scientists say we’re witnessing how global warming can push forest ecosystems past a point of no return. Some of those forests won’t recover in today’s warmer climate, scientists say. They expect…

Australia fires live: NSW and Victoria bushfire clean up ahead of deteriorating conditions – latest updates

And for those who missed Shane Fitzsimmons on the issue of hazard reduction burns this morning: News Breakfast (@BreakfastNews) “We are not environmental bastards.”@NSWRFS Commissioner @RFSCommissioner on hazard reduction burning, which he stresses is not the panacea for stopping fires…


Geographers find tipping point in deforestation

Geography researchers have identified a tipping point for deforestation that leads to rapid forest loss. Researchers used high-resolution satellite images to study landscapes in 9-kilometer-wide blocks across every inch of the planet between 1992 and 2015. They found that deforestation occurs comparatively slowly in these blocks until about half of the forest is gone. Then the remaining forest disappears very quickly.

Firestarters: Australia Has A Serious Firebug Crisis

According to my calculations and estimates, the number of individuals around Australia whose arson has contributed to the current bushfire crisis has now passed 200. This figure is not presented as a counter-argument to those who blame the fires on…