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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The big takeaways from the IPCC’s recent report on climate change – Niskanen Center

Earlier this spring, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the third report from its sixth cycle of assessments. The previous two reports in this cycle addressed the physical science and impacts and vulnerabilities, while this report from Working…

One Man’s Treasure Hunt Thrilled a Canadian Town, Turning Strangers into Friends

A horror-themed treasure hunt, organized anonymously in a small Canadian town, left the community enriched with funds and friends. The town in question, Miramichi in New Brunswick, has a history replete with scary stories of murder and ghosts, which the hunt’s organizer used as context to keep the spooky search going all the way up […]

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Climate change doubled the likelihood of South Africa’s floods – E&E News

Parts of South Africa are still reeling nearly a month after heavy rains and catastrophic floods wracked the coastal city of Durban and surrounding areas, killing hundreds of people and destroying thousands of homes. Now, scientists say the extreme rainfall…

More Regulations Won’t Solve Our Energy Crisis

There is a concerning precedent emerging within conventional American politics that mistakenly asserts a direct correlation between functional results and incremental regulation exists. Reality shows instead that regulation does not provide the strategic blueprint required to formulate long-term solutions and radical innovation….

Standup Comedy Classes For Men at Risk of Suicide Wins NHS Funding

The UK’s public health services are officially prescribing stand-up comedy classes to men at risk of suicide from mental trauma or depression—after a pilot program proved outrageously successful. While stand-up is one of the hardest, and scariest things most people could think to do, humor is also one of the most innate ways human beings […]

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The BBC’s Latest Fake News Is More Climate Porn

The BBC is very worried about ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ – especially when it comes to climate change, a cause close to Auntie’s heart. So much so that in 2020, it hired its first-ever specialist ‘disinformation’ reporter, who last year fronted…

Some Antarctic ice shelves have GROWN in the last 20 years despite global warming – Daily Mail

Parts of Antarctica have actually gained ice during the last 20 years, new research reveals, despite the continent suffering significant loss due to global warming. Researchers say that sea ice, pushed against ice shelves by a change in regional wind…

With Record Breaking Heatwaves South Asia 10 Times More Exposed to Global Warming Threats Over Coming Decades – One Green Planet

According to a report, South Asian economies are 10 times more exposed to global-warming threats over the coming decades than the rest of the world.  Heatwaves are nothing new to India, but they are increasingly becoming worse due to climate…

Electric Vehicle Charging Sparks Multiple House Fires

About three weeks ago in Ashburn, Virginia, there was an electric vehicle charging malfunction that started a fire in a garage and caused more than $15,000 in damages. That was not the only fire sparked by an electric vehicle, WTOP…

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