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The Mad Rush To Electric Vehicles

Tesla’s stock market value is already bigger than Ford and General Motors combined, says a report in Forbes magazine. Elon Musk’s company had already received nearly $5 billion in federal subsidies by 2015, helping him amass a net worth of…

Why Iran's Lake Urmia disappeared — and may be coming back

Tucked in the northwest corner of Iran, Lake Urmia was once the second-largest saltwater lake in the world. At its peak, the lake once covered a surface area of 5,000 square kilometers (2,000 square miles), reports Iran’s Radio Farda. Its…


SCIENCE: Dwindling snowpack stanches Colorado River flow

The mighty Colorado River, one of the most important water resources in the American West, is under siege. Rising temperatures in the Southwest have already contributed to significant declines in the river’s flow — and researchers say the future holds greater losses.

Colorado river flow dwindles due to loss of reflective snowpack

(American Association for the Advancement of Science) Due to the disappearance of its sunlight-reflecting seasonal snowpack, the Colorado River Basin is losing more water to evaporation than can be replaced by precipitation, researchers report.

Old carbon reservoirs unlikely to cause massive greenhouse gas release

(University of Rochester) As global temperatures rise, permafrost and methane hydrates — large reservoirs of ancient carbon — have the potential to break down, releasing enormous quantities of the potent greenhouse gas methane. But would this methane actually reach the atmosphere? University of Rochester researchers and their collaborators found that even if methane is released from these natural stores in response to warming, very little reaches the atmosphere; therefore, anthropogenic emissions should be more concerning than these natural feedbacks.

Eco-Fascism Putting Germany’s Auto Industry In Peril

When Kristin and Thomas Schmitt took out a mortgage and bought a house last summer, the German couple’s dream looked as if it was coming true. Two months later, they learned that the tire factory where both work would be…

Australian Aboriginal tale might be the oldest story ever told

In science, we don’t often give much credence to witness accounts that are told years after the event they describe, for the simple fact that human recall is flawed. Evidence needs to be more reliable than the feebleness of memory….


‘The worst thing is the waiting’: flood-hit communities tell of stress

Flooding not only wrecks businesses, destroys homes and disrupts everyday life but also causes long-lasting and dangerous levels of stress, residents from flood-hit communities have said. Hundreds of homes have been flooded and six people are thought to have died…

Arctic Ocean February 2020

The above forecast for February 20, 2020, shows surface temperature anomalies reaching both ends of the scale over North America, while the Arctic is 3°C or 5.4°F warmer than 1979-2000. On February 18, 2020, the Arctic was as much as…