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Carpet weavers of Himachal Pradesh an unusual casualty of global warming – Livemint

KANGRA: You will not find anyone here, they left last month,” said Ramesh Chand about other shepherds in his mountain village. At 49, Chand is among a handful of men left in Kareri, near the town of Dharamshala in Himachal…

Greenland Ice-Loss Predictions Are Clouded By Clouds

Predicting where, how and how quickly Greenland’s ice will melt is difficult. Projections by the best models are cloudy, and new research suggests clouds are doing the clouding. Currently, models of Greenland’s melting ice sheet put the greatest emphasis on…


As temperatures increase, so do rat populations

The warmer weather creeping into cities across America is cause for international concern, but there’s one group that loves it – rats. The impact of climate change on pests and disease is widely studied and cited as a reason to worry at the local level, but the rise in rat populations specifically is hard to quantify. While lab rats are studied ad nauseum, ‘wild’ urban rats and mostly taboo for the scientific community. Pest control workers and 311 hotline staff in cities like New York, however…

Global warming = more energy use = more warming – FRANCE 24

Date created : 24/06/2019 – 18:14 ADVERTISING Read more Paris (AFP) Even modest climate change will increase global energy demand by up to a quarter before mid-century, and by nearly 60 percent if humanity fails to curb greenhouse gas emissions,…

New evidence on the reliability of climate modeling

For decades, scientists studying a key climate phenomenon have been grappling with contradictory data that have threated to undermine confidence in the reliability of climate models overall. A new study settles that debate with regard to the Hadley cell, a tropical atmospheric circulation widely studied by climate scientists because it controls precipitation in the subtropics and also creates a region called the intertropical convergence zone, producing a band of major, highly-precipitative storms.


The formula for telling sustainability stories that stick

Stories are everything — in corporate sustainability as in life. Facts and numbers help explain the world as it is, but narratives give it meaning. We turn to tales for teaching, selling products and services, and motivating the masses into action. From the fires of prehistory to the depths of the digital age, a good story can change the world.

2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #25

Latest Posts 2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #25 In 1982, Exxon accurately predicted global warming New Research for Week #24, 2019 Ocean advocates are increasingly concerned about climate change 2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change &…

Word of the Week: Conjunction

When you hear the word “conjunction” in astronomy, you know it means 2 objects close together on our sky’s dome. Here’s more about the various kinds of conjunctions, including some we can’t see, and many we can, beautifully.