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How dating during the pandemic is the same — and how it's not

Get in the right frame of mind before your call so you can enjoy it and be yourself. (Photo: F Armstrong Photography/ This isn’t the first time people have dated without meeting in person. And it isn’t the first time…


Can COVID-19 spread through fecal matter?

Early studies show evidence of COVID-19 genetic material in fecal matter, but more work is needed to determine if the virus can be spread through stool, according to a new review paper.

As the climate shifts, a border moves

Italy’s northern border with Switzerland depends on the natural, morphological boundaries of glaciers’ frontiers. But in recent years, glaciers have been melting at increased rates due to climate change. This has caused the border to shift noticeably.

How coronavirus drifts through the air in microscopic droplets

Aerosols are the tiny particles of liquids and material that float around in our environment. When they come from an infected person, they may be a significant source of coronavirus transmission. The science of infectious aerosols.

Oak genomics proves its worth

(The Morton Arboretum) A landmark 10 article collection published in the April 16 issue of New Phytologist helps clarify the evolution of oaks and identify key genes involved in oak adaptation to environmental transitions and resistance to pathogens. It also addresses the implications and history of oak hybridization, and traces genomic evidence for an estimated 56 million years of oak evolution.

Have you heard about the Waffle House Index?

I’d never heard of the Waffle House Index until a few years ago. It’s a phrase coined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which uses the Waffle House chain as an informal indication of which areas have been hardest…

Truckers are the unsung heroes of this pandemic

There’s no shortage of people facing extraordinary adversity to help us maintain some semblance of civilization in these pandemic times. There are the usual suspects — doctors, nurses, firefighters — who make courage under fire seem so routine. And then…