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Global climate change policy still failing women after 50 years

The UN has estimated that about 383 million women and girls lived in extreme poverty at the end of last year. Despite 63 per cent of women aged 25 to 54 being in the global workforce, they still face an…

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Treatment Has 90% Success Rate: ‘Dramatic Results’

Hadassah University Medical Center credit AVI HAYOUN

An experimental cancer treatment developed in Israel has become so effective for an incurable form of cancer, the hospital administering it has a waiting list more than 6 months long.

Oncologists at the immunology department at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem used the revolutionary CAR-T, or Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy, to achieve remission of multiple myeloma in 90% of the 74 patients who undertook the experimental treatment.

Multiple myeloma is a kind of bone marrow cancer that distinguishes itself by developing in several areas at once, including the pelvis, ribs, skull, and spine. It accounts for one-tenth of all blood cancers.

CAR-T cell therapies are changing the world of cancer treatments by utilizing the patient’s own immune system to target and kill cancer tumors. Until the 1990s, it was almost completely unknown how to accomplish this, since cancers disguise themselves to avoid immune responses.

“We have evidence of a very positive overall response rate with minimal side effects, and they are mild,” Professor Polina Stepensky, head of the department at Hadassah. “These are dramatic results. This is a huge hope for patients with a disease that has not yet had a cure.”

Jerusalem Post reports that the treatment will also be available across the US in the coming months, quoting Dr. Stepensky.

“IMMX Bio has acquired a patent license, and we are about to open a clinical trial in the US,” Stepensky said. “The plan is to reach commercialization and FDA approval as a drug within a year.”

The way this particular CAR-T cell therapy treatment works is by taking donated blood and separating out the red blood cells from the white blood cells. Then, a genetic engineering procedure is undertaken in which a deactivated virus is filled with the necessary signals to train the white blood cells, in particular the immune weapon known as a T cell, how to target the cancer tumors.

Hadassah is actually the second institution to make headlines recently over a multiple myeloma CAR-T cell treatment. GNN reported on the development at a state-run hospital in Barcelona in 2021 that achieved a 75% remission rate.

CAR-T cell therapy has also shown promise against leukemia, and lupus, which isn’t a cancer but rather an autoimmune disease.

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Fish relocating to colder waters as a result of global warming – study

Sign up to the Independent Climate email for the latest advice on saving the planet Get our free Climate email Fish populations are relocating to colder waters in the north and south poles as a result of global warming, research…

Microorganisms’ ability to adapt to climate change can help reduce global warming, claims study

Microorganisms’ ability to adapt to the climate change can help reduce global warming by storing carbon in the soil, a recent study from Lund University in Sweden claims. The researchers collected soil samples from across Europe in a wide range…

CNN Publishes Blatantly False Claim That Wildfires Are Linked To Fossil Fuel Use

A May 16, 2023, article by CNN reporter Rachel Ramirez titled, “More than a third of the area charred by wildfires in Western North America can be traced back to fossil fuels, scientists find” claims that fossil fuel companies are…

The Dark Side Of Biden’s ‘Climate Justice’ Agenda

President Biden recently issued a 5,400-word executive order directing all federal agencies to emphasize “environmental justice” in every decision they make. After ducking questions for weeks on what remediation, remuneration, and environmental justice the administration is providing East Palestine, Ohio,…

Nature’s climate solution: Carbon storage in soil is shown to slow global warming

Image: © SolStock | iStock In a ground-breaking study, Lund University researchers have revealed the astonishing ability of microorganisms in soil to adapt to climate change Samples from carbon storage in soil collected across Europe, encompassing a wide temperature range…

KGW mental health survey shows many concerned about climate change

The survey showed that some people are even opting not to have children due to concerns over climate change. PORTLAND, Ore. — Last year, KGW put out a survey on climate change and mental health, with questions on what type of feelings…

Climate crisis deniers target scientists for vicious abuse on Musk’s Twitter

Some of the UK’s top scientists are struggling to deal with what they describe as a huge rise in abuse from climate crisis deniers on Twitter since the social media platform was taken over by Elon Musk last year. Since…

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