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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Warming Trends: Couples Disconnected in Their Climate Concerns Can Learn About Global Warming Over 200 Year… – InsideClimate News

CULTURE Love Me, Love My Climate Concerns Couples in romantic relationships often don’t have the same beliefs or behaviors surrounding climate change. But that’s an opportunity for people who are concerned about climate change and favor climate action to convince…

NASA Measures Interior of Mars for the First time, Revealing Huge Liquid Core

In the first ever measurement of another planet’s core, seismography conducted over several Martian years have revealed the liquid metal core is softer than expected—more like a Mars-mellow than a Mars Bar. While the recently arrived Perseverance rover has been hoovering up much of the Mars-related attention, a trio of recently published papers that measured […]

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‘Recycle Your Electricals’ Campaign Diverts 1,000 Computers to Those in Need, So Far

In a drive to soak up some of the 527 million small electrical items owned by UK homes, many of which would be thrown in the trash, a new campaign to repair, recycle, or ethically scrap electricals is underway in Glasgow. The Recycle your Electricals campaign is utilizing local resources like mend and repair stores, […]

The post ‘Recycle Your Electricals’ Campaign Diverts 1,000 Computers to Those in Need, So Far appeared first on Good News Network.

Climate change is a global threat demanding national solutions – Financial Times

Climate change updates Sign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Climate change news. There is climate politics, and there is national climate politics. What we are watching now is the international brand conducted at…

How China’s Communist Party Is Stoking Climate Alarmism At Elite Colleges

Imagine if your primary opponent in the world, a country that regularly steals high-tech military, industrial and medical secrets from you, was able to influence research in your universities solely for their benefit. Unless you had a national death wish,…

Enlist the Ocean in Combatting Climate Change, Experts and Advocates Argue – Scientific American

Climate scientists and marine advocates are calling on governments worldwide to look beyond green policymaking when it comes to climate change. They say a critical shade is missing in the fight against global warming. Blue. Countries must recognize the important…

Connecticut farmers are finding there’s no easy way to deal with climate extremes – The CT Mirror

Heading into Memorial Day weekend, Jamie Jones was sweating it. “Here I am in late May and I’m like – if we don’t get rain either tomorrow afternoon or over the weekend or on Friday, come post Memorial Day we’re…

Dan Sutter: The cost of stopping global warming – Alabama Today

Photo Courtesy: Dan Sutter In 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change set a new goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.  The costs and consequences of aggressive action against global warming basically exceed comprehension.  Recent research in…

CLOs, global warming and the great opportunity – Chief Learning Officer

President Joe Biden’s recent pronouncement that he intends to halve our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 with the help of major business leaders and companies is a pitch into the wheelhouse of chief learning officers. CLOs should knock this out…

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