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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global Warming Solutions That Can Save Our Planet – Al Bawaba

Global warming solutions are the top-notch question for all countries on the Earth. Humankind has to learn how to use natural resources more efficiently. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the lowest level will help humanity to prevent great…


The Best Ways to Ensure Your Recycling Doesn’t End Up Getting Trashed

Per the EPA, 292.4 million tons of waste were generated during 2018. Of that, approximately 94 million tons were recycled or composted. That’s only a third of the trash that’s generated is actually recycled or composted. If you take out composting rates, only 69 million tons were recycled. There’s a lot of room for improvement, […]

Millie LaFontaine: The entanglements of climate change – Concord Monitor

During the pandemic, we have come to recognize more clearly that the world outside our doors is not something to guard against, but a safe haven against a lethal viral enemy. We are starting to recognize one more way our…

A Town Near Rome is Selling Old Homes for $1, a Trend Across Italy in Many Beautiful Villages

If you’re the mayor of a rustic 800 year-old town with just 1,000 people, how can you stop the town from fading away as young people move to the major cities? How about you sell all the empty properties for one euro? 44 towns in Italy are currently listed under the €1.00 House Project, which […]

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Climate Change Hypocrisy Begins With The United Nations

…The U.S. currently funds 22% of the entire UN budget, contributing roughly $675,000,000 tax dollars. This is more than double the next largest donor, China, which contributes $336,000,000. It’s bad enough the UN bureaucrats are so foolish in foreign policy….

To prevent catastrophic global warming, we need to leave fossils fuels in the ground – Popular Science

Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels must nearly completely cease in the next couple decades to have a chance at keeping climate warming within a relatively safe level for humanity. As last month’s IPCC report made clear, even if…

Saving America’s Forests Could Help Curb Climate Warming – NC State News

America has more than 800 million acres of forest and woods, and most of that land is privately owned. A new study finds that economic incentives for landowners to keep their land in productive forests could be a valuable policy…

Agricultural profits in Australia threatened by global warming – Big News Network

The findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggest Australia may have to jettison tracts of the bush unless there is a massive investment in climate-change adaptation and planning. The potential impacts of climate change on employment and the…

California’s Cataclysmic Wildfires Were Entirely Preventable

President Joe Biden declared the Caldor Fire threatening communities at Lake Tahoe, California an emergency Wednesday night to dispatch federal resources to the relief effort. That blaze, only 25 percent contained as of this writing, has already burned more than…

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