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The West’s Hysteria Over Amazon Fires Is Riddled With Colonial Arrogance

Every now and then the environmentalist mask slips. And we get a glimpse of the elitist and authoritarian movement that lurks beneath the hippyish green facade. The hysteria over the rainforest fires in Brazil is one of those moments. As…

The armadillo in the road looked dead, but this woman stopped to check anyway

Dory tenderly wrapped up the armadillo, comforting her the entire way to the sanctuary. (Photo: Jennifer Dory) Not many people pull over for an armadillo on the side of the road. Especially when they’re on their way somewhere. Like Jennifer…

Shelter dog is new 'Lady and the Tramp' star

Disney’s latest scruffy star came from some very humble beginnings. Monte was just a streetwise pup when he was rescued from a municipal shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico, by HALO Animal Rescue in April 2018. The friendly, happy dog…


CLIMATE IMPACTS: Great Lake dwarfs sea-level rise. Water is up 6 feet

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — Streets are flooded in “Coast Guard City, USA,” and the maritime rescue force is responding to dangerous events not seen for decades on Lake Michigan as water levels soar past record highs.

Two Economists Warn Germany’s Climate Hysteria Will Be Its Downfall

The German automobile industry today continues to be the real engine driving the country’s economy, but that may dramatically change for the worse – soon – according to economists Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich in a commentary at the online…


NEBRASKA: State lawmaker: Humans not changing climate but must prepare

A lawmaker who doesn’t believe humans are causing climate change is nevertheless leading a push to ensure Nebraska farmers are better prepared for extreme weather like the blizzards and flooding that hit the state this year.