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Study presents new species of bizarre, extinct lizard previously misidentified as a bird

(Florida Museum of Natural History) An international research team has described a new species of Oculudentavis, providing further evidence that the animal first identified as a hummingbird-sized dinosaur was actually a lizard.

Are we genetically ‘grounded’?

(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Scientists found that the ability to fly is embedded in birds’ spinal cords. The team closely examined the neural networks of chicken and mice embryos and discovered that the genetic coding of the ephrin-B3 molecule in birds is fundamentally different than those of mammals and reptiles.

As global warming causes more lake heatwaves, species threatened, mass fish die-offs predicted – Firstpost

Unlike those living elsewhere, most lake animals cannot simply move to another habitat once their lake becomes uninhabitable. But even migratory species will suffer. By Antonia Law The Earth’s surface is splotched with 117 million lakes. Some are scarcely more…

Global warming is boiling our testicles, suggesting a new animal fertility crisis looms – Salon

Dr. Thomas Price, a senior lecturer of evolution, ecology and behavior at the University of Liverpool, has had a lot of time to consider how humans are at a disadvantage because of our external reproductive organs. Some animals have testicles inside…

An unexpected side effect of climate change? More stillbirths – Salon

Update: This story has been updated to include responses from the research team behind the paper. Climate change is perhaps the greatest existential threat that humanity has ever faced — and as environmental research accumulates, we keep discovering unexpected side effects of making…

Microscopic fossils record ancient climate conditions | @theU – @theU

Fifty-six million years ago, as the Earth’s climate warmed by five to eight degrees C, new land mammals evolved, tropical forests expanded, giant insects and reptiles appeared and the chemistry of the ocean changed. Through it all, bacteria in the…

Global warming may change the sex of animal populations – Yahoo Entertainment

Climate change is already devastating certain animal populations, both on the land and in the oceans, and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on if we can’t get our thirst for fossil fuels and other pollutants under…

What can a dinosaur’s inner ear tell us? Just listen

(Yale University) New Haven, Conn. — If paleontologists had a wish list, it would almost certainly include insights into two particular phenomena: how dinosaurs interacted with each other and how they began to fly.

Flatfish got weird fast due to evolutionary cascade

(Rice University) Flatfishes rapidly evolved into the most asymmetric vertebrates by changing multiple traits at once, according to a new Rice University study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.