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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Really Concerned About CO2 Emissions? Embrace Nuclear

In the words of James Hansen, the scientist most responsible for promoting global warming, wind and solar are “grotesque” solutions for reducing CO2 emissions. Michael Shellenberger, a prominent activist, has the same opinion. Hansen and Shellenberger, as well as many…

The Tyranny Of Global Warmists Is Worse Than You Think

“The more one has paid for a forgery, the more one defends it in the face of all the evidence to the contrary,” writes John Le Carré in his novel about espionage and deception, Smiley’s People. This certainly seems to…

3 Questions: Asegun Henry on five “grand thermal challenges” to stem the tide of global warming – MIT News

More than 90 percent of the world’s energy use today involves heat, whether for producing electricity, heating and cooling buildings and vehicles, manufacturing steel and cement, or other industrial activities. Collectively, these processes emit a staggering amount of greenhouse gases…


EMISSIONS: Coal spree suggests China might loosen CO2 goals

China is a world leader on renewable energy, on electric vehicles and in setting carbon dioxide reduction goals. But it’s also under pressure to build more coal-fired power plants over the next five years.

Breakthrough technology purifies water using the power of sunlight

(Monash University) A research team, led by Australia’s Monash University, has been able to transform brackish water and seawater into safe, clean drinking water in less than 30 minutes using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and sunlight.

China’s Geopolitical Priorities Become Clear: Oil, Not Wind

China’s offshore wind installations for 2019 and its plans for the end of the decade are catching headlines. Less well reported, in the United Kingdom at least, is the vastly more significant evidence that China is acting firmly to reduce…

New DOE grant to develop catalysts for renewable energy generation

(Wayne State University – Office of the Vice President for Research) A new DOE grant led by Wayne State University aims to address the need for new catalysts used for renewable energy generation and storage.