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Renewable Energy Boost Projected To Create 19,000 More Jobs In Australia By 2025

This is the kind of boom we want to read about. A boom in jobs, but not only jobs, careers, and not only careers, but careers that mean preservation of resources and societal sustainability. Everywhere, the lookout for sustainable careers is merging with sustainability ecologically

North Carolina Could Finally Tap Into Immense Wind Energy Resources, Create Thousands Of Jobs

North Carolina offers one of the beautiful coasts in the country. I’ve slept in the sand dunes of that coast, waking early to drift with the wind out to sea. With all that to offer, the good news is that, beyond beauty, the North Carolina coast offers an opportunity for clean energy and green careers, invaluable technical and service jobs in the renewable energy sector


More efficient biosolar cells modelled on nature

Potential sources of renewable energy include protein complexes that are responsible for photosynthesis. However, their efficiency in technical applications still leaves much to be desired. For example, they cannot convert green light into energy. A research team has successfully closed this so-called green gap by combining a photosynthesis protein complex with a light-collecting protein from cyanobacteria.


How Virginia Is Deluding Itself About Net-Zero Energy

A few days ago I had a post about how tightening “green” energy regulations in Europe are gradually strangling sectors like the automobile and chemical industries. The post was titled “Europe Is Firmly Committed To Economic Suicide.” Here in the…


EU’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to fall as coal ditched

Greenhouse gas emissions in the EU continued their fall in 2018, the latest year for which comprehensive data is available, according to a new report from Europe’s environment watchdog. Emissions fell by 2.1% compared with 2017, to a level 23%…


Bishops Tout EU ‘Green Deal’ As Recovery Plan For Pandemic

The Catholic bishops of the European Union (COMECE) have endorsed the European Green Deal as an “underpinning strategy” for a continent-wide plan of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. “Ecological justice” must be at the core of Europe’s response to the…