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Here’s how early humans evaded immunodeficiency viruses

The cryoEM structure of a simian immunodeficiency virus protein bound to primate proteins shows how a mutation in early humans allowed our ancestors to escape infection while monkeys and apes did not. SIV’s Nef protein forms a solid link between two primate proteins, tetherin and AP-2, forcing the destruction of tetherin, which normally prevents new SIV virions from budding off. A mutation in human tetherin disrupted binding, thwarting SIV budding — until HIV evolved a work-around.

Why Coal Ain’t Cool: 7 Disadvantages of Coal You Need to Know

The post Why Coal Ain’t Cool: 7 Disadvantages of Coal You Need to Know appeared first on Earthava.

Coal is a “fossil fuel” that we use as a major power source. Globally, we use over 8.7 million tons of coal per year, and that number is only growing. It’s evident that it’s an extremely vital part of the economy all around the world. However, with all good things come the bad. In this article, you’ll […]

The post Why Coal Ain’t Cool: 7 Disadvantages of Coal You Need to Know appeared first on Earthava.


13 fun and sustainable activities to enjoy before summer ends

The dog days of summer linger from early morning until late into the evening, providing plenty of opportunities to play, travel and work in the yard. If you’re focused on making sure those summer activities are earth-friendly, we’ve brainstormed some ideas to get you into the great outdoors without leaving a heavy footprint in your wake.


Energy-efficient home uses recycled heat to reduce C02 emissions

The Lane End House by PAD studio incorporates natural building material and sustainable solutions to increase energy-efficiency. The resulting design creates a passive home with a smaller environmental footprint and a focus on sustainability.  The exterior of the house contains balcony areas that act as solar shading for the property, complete with thoughtfully-places openings to create a greater distribution of natural ventilation to rid the home of intense heat during the hot Summer months.  Landscape-wise,…

Restoring Soil Can Help Address Climate Change

Soils under stress Healthy, fertile soils are rich in organic matter built of carbon that living plants pulled out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis.  Carbon-rich organic matter helps fuel the soil organisms that recycle and release mineral elements that plants…


Award-winning B-Austin Community Project champions communal and sustainable living

Solar collection, EV charging, and gray water recycling are just a few of the environmentally features offered at B-Austin Community Project, an innovative mixed-use development designed by local design practice Clark | Richardson Architects. Created with the goal of becoming one of Austin’s greenest buildings, the co-housing project considers more than just energy-efficiency—the health and wellness of its occupants have also been prioritized in the design. The mixed-use complex was awarded with…

What you should always ask before you buy

There are at least two things in my house that are relatively ancient. There’s the 20-year-old toaster oven with a warped tray and a foggy glass door. It’s dated, is a little icky, has no fancy settings and makes a…