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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Churn under sea: Can increase in seafloor spreading speed up global warming – Down To Earth Magazine

Seafloor spreading, caused by an upwelling of magma, has led to episodes of global warming in the geologic past; the spread rate has slowed down in last 19 million years, but could gather momentum Life on Earth began 3.5 billion years…

Termites Love Global Warming So Much That They May Make It Worse, Says Study – ScienceAlert

When we consider termites, we may think of the danger they can pose to our houses once they settle in and start eating wood. But in fact, only about 4 percent of termite species worldwide are considered pests that might,…

The Importance Of Fossil Fuels

There has been a lot of talk lately about penalizing fossil fuel companies because of climate change or global warming. Democrats, especially, do not seem to understand at all some basic facts about energy. Here are a few things to…

‘Snowpiercer’s climate engineering could help us to refreeze Earth’s poles in real life – Syfy

In the 2013 science fiction film Snowpiercer, humanity attempts to stem the bleeding of human-driven climate change by releasing a whole bunch of particles into the atmosphere. The idea is to block out some percentage of sunlight and cool the…


[OPINION] Global warming, climate change, and implications for the Philippines – Rappler

The following is the 40th in a series of excerpts from Kelvin Rodolfo’s ongoing book project “Tilting at the Monster of Morong: Forays Against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and Global Nuclear Energy.“ Early history The fossil fuel industry, more than a century…


How Can You Support a Circular Economy?

You keep hearing about a circular economy, but you’re not sure what it is. A circular economy is best summed up as an economy where consumers, communities, and manufacturers work together to reduce waste by reusing recyclable materials.How a Circular Economy WorksTake a closer look at exactly what happens with a circular economy. Start with […]

Friends Saved Over a Million Gallons of Paint From Landfill by Rescuing and Remixing it to Give it New Color

Meet the friends who have saved more than 1.05 million gallons of paint from landfills by rescuing used cans—refilling and remixing them to give each one a new lease of life. Cat Hyde and Kate Moree had the passion and drive to make a difference by repurposing waste material, while making money at the same […]

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