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How Overreliance On Wind And Solar Fed Texas’s Power Outages

When the lights went out in Texas earlier this year, corporate media and the left swiftly developed a narrative and stuck to it: Texas failed because it didn’t regulate enough and it wasn’t part of the national grid. This storyline…

Earliest known honey jars in Africa are 3,500 years old

An ancient people with a sweet tooth – the Nok culture of sub-Saharan Africa – used terracotta pots to hold honey 3,500 years ago. They may be the earliest confirmed honey collectors in Africa.

Alpine plants are losing their white “protective coat”

(University of Basel) Snow cover in the Alps has been melting almost three days earlier per decade since the 1960s. This trend is temperature-related and cannot be compensated by heavier snowfall. By the end of the century, snow cover at 2,500 meters could disappear a month earlier than today, as simulations by environmental scientists at the University of Basel demonstrate.

Media Claim Crop Reductions As Harvests Set New Records

The media this week are breathlessly promoting a paper by researchers at Curtin University in Australia that says climate change is harming food production. In reality, crop data show food production is rising dramatically in recent decades under ideal crop…


PENTAGON: Biden plan would boost climate defenses at military bases

Military installations along storm-battered American coasts could see a surge in infrastructure spending as the Biden administration seeks to harden the Department of Defense against asymmetric threats like climate change.


WHITE HOUSE: Kerry climate trip aims to warm China relations

John Kerry, President Biden’s top climate diplomat, is on a mission to rally support from world leaders in the fight against global warming. Key to that effort is assuring other countries that the United States is willing to engage with the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter: China.