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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Brief but potent meteor outburst expected November 21-22

Exciting news! Some lucky observers may catch a brief outburst of alpha Monocerotid meteors this Thursday night (or Friday morning). And we do mean brief. Peak activity – a rate of 400 meteors per hour – is expected to last 15 to 40 minutes.

They're growing what? Hatcheries expand their mission beyond fish

Service hatcheries expand their mission By Mark Davis, public affairs specialistNovember 6, 2019 In Virginia and South Carolina hatcheries, biologists keep a close eye on shad and striped bass while taking time to focus on something that will never wear…

No, Hurricanes Are Not Bigger, Stronger And More Dangerous

Earlier this week a paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) by a team of authors led by Aslak Grinsted, a scientist who studies ice sheets at the University of Copenhagen, claimed that “the frequency…

Climate Science Proves Scams Don’t Die From Exposure

It’s the tenth anniversary next week of the 2009 Climategate email dump that exposed top climate scientists’ chicanery and subversion of science – and did so in their own words and out of their own mouths, or keyboards. I’ll list…

Schwarzenegger Terminates Any Chance He’s Serious About Climate Change

Los Angeles, 2019 A.D. The weightlifter rose from the ashes of the box-office bomb. His war to get people to pay attention to him has raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought on the silver screen….

Meet Narwhal, the rescue puppy with a tail on his forehead

When the volunteers at an animal rescue in Missouri discovered a tiny brown puppy in the freezing cold last weekend, he had an extra-special part. The little guy was sporting a little brown tail on his forehead, right between his…

No, Venice Isn’t Flooding Due To Climate Change

Venice is flooded – again – and the mayor Luigi Brugnaro is blaming climate change. This has become the standard dog-ate-my-homework excuse for desperate politicians and administrators who want to dodge their responsibilities while simultaneously attracting media sympathy and aid money….

What causes hiccups?

[embedded content] Even though it may not seem like it when that attractive noise emits from your throat, hiccups actually start with your diaphragm, the muscle right below your chest that contracts and expands as your breathe. A hiccup emerges…


First look at thermostat wars suggests women may be losing these battles

Your characterization of the thermostat war going on in your house is likely to depend at least in part on whether you’re a man or a woman, new research suggests. The study has taken an initial glimpse at these skirmishes in a sample of Ohio homes, offering the first known data on joint consumer decision-making around household temperature settings and potential effects of those actions on energy use.

Phoenix Light Rail Fail, 2019 Update

To the surprise of no one who reads this blog, Phoenix Light Rail continues to fail at every goal it set for itself, despite over $2 billion in cumulative expenditures and over 10 years of time to “catch on.”  In…