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Bearcam Week in Review September 20, 2019

Hi and welcome to our weekly Bear Cam blog. We will be publishing this blog every week with a review of the previous weeks Bear Cam highlights. Brought to you by your bear cam Mods, LaniH and GABear. This weeks…

How to discuss climate change with your uncle

Most people know better than to bring up politics, religion or climatology in polite company. It’s a recipe for arguments, or at least for awkwardness. But when families get together, that recipe is often dusted off anyway. And whether it’s…

She got her start saving animals. Now she's set her sights on saving the ocean

Mimi Ausland has big plans for the planet. The 23-year-old is perhaps best known as the founder of Freekibble, an interactive quiz website that encourages users to answer animal trivia questions to fuel donations of pet food to shelters across…

Climate-Crazed Seminary Confesses Sins To Plants In ‘Beautiful Ritual’

On Tuesday, Union Theological Seminary hosted a chapel service in which self-identified Christians confessed their climate sins to plants. No, this is not satire from The Babylon Bee — this really happened, and the seminary is defending it without shame….


SCIENCE: ‘The picture for humans … is really pretty grim’

A leading group of international climate scientists is warning that “large-scale strategies” are needed immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avert “catastrophic circumstances” that threaten every part of the world.

EPA Tees Up Response To California’s Fuel Economy Deal With Four Carmakers

The Environmental Protection Agency is questioning whether California has the legal authority to strike a deal with four automakers on fuel economy standards stronger than what the Trump administration will set. The Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to California…

Hurricane Nicole sheds light on how storms impact deep ocean

(Marine Biological Laboratory) 2016’s Hurricane Nicole had a significant effect on the ocean’s carbon cycle and deep sea ecosystems, reports a team from the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, and the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.