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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Could a technological fix save the planet from climate change? – FRANCE 24 English

Pessimism is growing about humanity’s ability to save the planet as world leaders prepare to convene for climate change talks at the COP26 summit in Glasgow on October 31. Faced with increasingly apocalyptic projections, some scientists are calling for plans…

Climate Change Magnified Recent California Deluge – Scientific American

A record-breaking storm that swept through California in recent days was made worse by climate change, experts say. And not just because of additional rainfall that’s a symptom of a warmer climate. Adding to the misery was what preceded the…

Vice Doesn’t Understand Climate Science (Or Polling)

Vice, along with its associates, including the far-left outlet The Guardian, polling company YouGov, and the climate change news propagandist group Covering Climate Now, undertook a push poll to demonstrate how worried Americans are about climate change. They say the…

It’s Time To Start Laughing At Climate Hysteria

We should laugh at climate hysteria, especially the fantasy proposals for stopping evil climate change. Electrify everything by running it on wind and solar? Restructure the economy? Restart the world in a green image? Stop eating meat and drinking milk?…

Climate Change: What Are the Economic Stakes? – Claims Journal

Article 0 Comments COP26 climate talks in Glasgow starting next Sunday may be the world’s best last chance to cap global warming at the 1.5-2 degrees Celsius upper limit set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement. The stakes for the…

Canadian Man Notices an Old Lotto Ticket in His Wallet and Wins $20 Million

It’s the dream scenario that, for one Manitoba man, really happed: He found a forgotten lottery ticket in the back of his wallet—and it turned out to be worth $20 million. Jerry Knott bought a LOTTO MAX ticket in Lac du Bonnet for an August 24 draw. He tucked it in among his bank cards, […]

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Understanding the Differences Between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Recycling

Did you know there are several types of recycling? It’s not surprising if you don’t. Most consumers don’t stop to think about what happens to the items they put in their curbside bin. You’ve done your part as soon as you send off the items for recycling. What happens at a recycling facility? It’s just as […]

Democracies that fail to act on climate change face ‘existential’ threat – Reuters

LONDON, Oct 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Climate change poses “an existential challenge” for democratic governments and could lead to more authoritarian rule if efforts to curb global warming founder, fuelling a surge in catastrophic impacts from hunger to heatwaves,…

Morrison Net Zero 2050 Plan a fraud, with plans to double coal exports, new gas expansion

Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor with ‘Net zero Plan’ slide Prime Minister Scott Morrison accompanied by Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor announced Australia’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050. But there will be no change to…

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