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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Searching the ancient depths of a reptilian genome yields insight into all vertebrates

(Iowa State University) An Iowa State University scientists contributed to a global effort to assemble the genome of the tuatara, a rare reptile species native to New Zealand. The tuatara genome sheds light on the genomic structure of a huge range of species, including humans.


Explorer exposes the dramatic impact of global warming – Daily Mail

A ‘before and after’ photography project in the Patagonian mountains using images taken in 1913 and modern day equivalents exposes the dramatic impact global warming is having on the world.  Explorer Cristian Donoso has dedicated the last 24 years of…

Does Climate Change Optimism Make You Pro-Trump?

My views on climate change—and, more generally, on humanity’s future—have never been stable. Depending on what I’m reading, and perhaps shifts in my neural weather, I ricochet between optimism and dread. Last spring I was feeling pretty glum about, well, everything when iconoclastic…

Is Australian Academic Freedom Dead In The Water?

To paraphrase the US conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson, ‘95 percent of university academics are politically left while 100 percent of university administrators are’. That strikes me as about right in Australia too. Which brings us to Professor Peter Ridd…

Climate Alarmism Setting So-Called Arctic Records

Stories claiming global warming is setting all-time heat and wildfire records in Siberia and the Arctic continue to dominate media attention this week. Objective scientific evidence, however, shows the summer has brought similar heat and fire outbreaks to the Arctic…


Global warming expected to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius – Inhabitat

New projections show global warming is accelerating well past the recommended 1.5 degree Celsius target. A new study published in Reviews of Geophysics concludes that the absolute best case scenario is now about 1 degree Celsius hotter than scientists previously…