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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Is global warming adding to the Valley’s UV risks? – Daily Independent

Even with all the clouds covering the Valley at the end of July, the forecast UV index was still 8 out of 10. The UV index scale — the National Weather Service’s means of determining the level of danger from…

Fact check: Global warming caused by human activity, not solar winds or weakened magnetic field – USA TODAY

The claim: Global warming is occurring because of solar winds and changes in Earth’s magnetic field Solar winds consist of charged particles emitted by the sun. Earth’s magnetic field – generated by churning, molten iron in the planet’s core – prevents most of…

How Hot and Humid Singapore Is Trying to Cool Itself Down

SINGAPORE — The temperature had reached 86 degrees and was climbing. Humidity measured in at 75 percent. Sunshine glinted off the tall buildings. Fourteen volunteers, six climate researchers and a mobile biometeorological cart named “Smarty” prepared to set off for…


In a paradox, cleaner air is now adding to global warming – Science

It’s one of the paradoxes of global warming. Burning coal or gasoline releases the greenhouse gases that drive climate change. But it also lofts pollution particles that reflect sunlight and cool the planet, offsetting a fraction of the warming. Now,…

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