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Variant Terrorism and the New York Times

The New York Times has scary red maps of Europe on its front page today (at least in the version we get in AZ) implying mass death from new COVID variants.  Given the prominence of COVID in the news and…

Six ways to stay balanced during the climate crisis – The Washington Post

As bicoastal medical and mental health practitioners, we are deeply concerned about the adverse health consequences of global warming, including: increased risk of heart disease and stroke, higher rates of violence, the widening spread of infectious diseases as well as…

Biden’s California Dream: More Regs, More Rules, Higher Energy Prices

I was surprised to read (in The Los Angeles Times) that the Biden administration’s “role model for America” is… California! He wants to “Make America California.” That’s is a terrible idea. Californians now rush to move out of California. Some hopeful…

Juno finds a new auroral feature on Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft – whose mission in orbit around Jupiter was recently extended to 2025 – has been used to discover a rapidly expanding auroral ring at the very fringes of the Jovian magnetosphere.

Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Is A Disaster For Unions

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. At what point do labor unions finally figure out that the Democrat Party is not their friend, that modern Democrats are anti-capitalist, anti-working class socialists of at least…

Surprising disconnect between physical characteristics and genetic ancestry in certain

(Stanford University) Stanford biologists have built a model examining the relationship between physical traits and genetic ancestry in populations formed from the mixture of multiple founding groups. They found that the relationship dissipates over generations.

Have we lost the battle on climate change? – Newsday

I pay moderate attention to my carbon footprint. You probably do, too. It just seems like the right thing to do. I recycle. I drive a Prius. My house has solar panels. My yard is xeriscaped. I support green energy….

The Death Of Science And ‘Scientific American’

The great legacy publication, Scientific American, is dead. It’s still in print, but it is no longer either scientific or American. In an article described by a friend as, “a hailstorm of impenetrable academic verbiage, dictated by a Ph.D. trying to…

Biden mulls giving farmers billions to fight climate change. Even farmers are unsure about the plan. – POLITICO

Arguably one of the federal government’s most ambitious attempts to combat climate change, the concept aims to use market forces to produce sharp reductions in the human-made emissions that are the primary cause of global warming. But while the idea…