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CAMPAIGN 2020: John Kerry hints at Biden debate plan in leaked audio

Joe Biden is expected to wedge climate issues into tonight’s presidential debate even if there are no questions about the environment, former Secretary of State John Kerry told donors at a private fundraiser, according to audio obtained by E&E News.

The video origin of the myth that global warming is good for agriculture » Yale Climate Connections – Yale Climate Connections

Misinformation is at the root of many scientific controversies, and fighting it can feel like a losing battle. But one effective method is to expose the mechanics of misinformation, to show tactics and deceptive processes in broad daylight. And learning…

Primate brain size does not predict their intelligence

A research team has systematically investigated the cognitive abilities of lemurs, which have relatively small brains compared to other primates. Conducting systematic tests with identical methods revealed that cognitive abilities of lemurs hardly differ from those of monkeys and great apes. Instead, this study revealed that the relationship between brain size and cognitive abilities cannot be generalized and it provides new insights into the evolution of primates.

The evidence is compelling on human activity as the principal cause of global warming – Yale Climate Connections

Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius (Inset image credit: Photogravure Meisenbach Riffarth & Co. Leipzig / Wikipedia) In our previous essay in this series, we showed that the global average temperature has increased since early in the industrial revolution, rising at an…


SCIENCE: Climate change ‘unequivocal’ in driving wildfires — report

Climate change has played an “unequivocal and pervasive role” in the increase and intensification of wildfires and must be addressed directly, according to a new report that questions the effectiveness of forest management strategies championed by President Trump.

New study to uncover how climate change and tectonics drove evolution in East Africa

(Stony Brook University) A 17 million-year-old whale fossil discovered in the 1970s is the impetus for new research by an international team led by Stony Brook University that takes a unique approach to uncovering the course of mammalian evolution in East Africa.

Twinkling, star-shaped brain cells may hold the key to why, how we sleep

A new study suggests that star-shaped brain cells known as astrocytes could be as important to the regulation of sleep as neurons. The study builds new momentum toward ultimately solving the mystery of why we sleep and how sleep works in the brain. The discovery may also set the stage for potential future treatment strategies for sleep disorders and neurological diseases and other conditions associated with troubled sleep.

Simpler models may be better for determining some climate risk

(Penn State) Typically, computer models of climate become more and more complex as researchers strive to capture more details of our Earth’s system, but according to a team of Penn State researchers, to assess risks, less complex models, with their ability to better sample uncertainties, may be a better choice.


China’s surprise climate pledge leaves Australia ‘naked in the wind’, analysts say

Australia’s resistance to a mid-century net zero emissions target is likely to become increasingly unsustainable after China surprised global leaders by pledging it would reach “carbon neutrality” before 2060, climate analysts and advocates say. The announcement by the Chinese president,…


EMISSIONS: China says it will stop releasing CO2 within 40 years

China pledged yesterday to stop releasing carbon emissions before 2060 in a surprise move that catapults it ahead of U.S. ambitions on climate change and instantly raised questions about whether it can radically alter its status as the world’s top emitter within 40 years.