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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Biden’s new 2030 climate change target: Will it be fair to other countries? –

On April 22, President Biden will convene global leaders for a virtual climate summit in a bid to reassert US leadership and motivate countries to cut emissions much more aggressively. Of course, the US is only just recommitting to climate…

Second Circuit Climate Change Ruling Affirms Dismissal of State-law Claims – JD Supra

In the past four years, state attorneys general or municipalities have brought 21 lawsuits based on state-law claims (e.g., nuisance, trespass, consumer fraud) seeking to hold fossil fuel companies liable for costs allegedly resulting from climate change. Of these 21…

The Biggest Casualty Of The ‘Climate Crisis’ Is Journalism

The Sky News Daily Climate Show is an exercise in activism, not news. After much self-congratulating hype, Sky News broadcast the first episode of its Daily Climate Show last night. ‘Hello and welcome to the UK’s only climate daily news…

Modern human brain originated in Africa around 1.7 million years ago

(University of Zurich) The human brain as we know it today is relatively young. It evolved about 1.7 million years ago when the culture of stone tools in Africa became increasingly complex. A short time later, the new Homo populations spread to Southeast Asia, researchers from the University of Zurich have now shown using computed tomography analyses of fossilized skulls.

Schild receives NASA NIP award to develop new predictive tool for iceberg melting speeds

(University of Maine) Research led by University of Maine glaciologist Kristin Schild to quantify and predict iceberg melting rates has received NASA New (Early Career) Investigator Program (NIP) in Earth Science funding. Schild will develop universal measuring strategies and a model for predicting how fast any iceberg would melt and discharge freshwater into the ocean. These tools could and enhance how global-scale models forecast sea level rise and climate change as a result of glacial ice activity.

Lockdown for genome parasites

(IMBA- Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences) Researchers at GMI – Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences – uncover an ingenious mechanism by which Arabidopsis safeguards the integrity of its genome. The paper is published in the journal Nature Cell Biology.

SMU helping study how photosynthesis uses sunlight to support growth in changing environments

(Southern Methodist University) Doran I.G. Bennett, a theoretical chemist at SMU, has received a Human Frontier Science Program grant to study how photosynthesis uses sunlight to support growth in changing environments.

National COVID debts: climate change imperils countries’ ability to repay –

COMMENT 06 April 2021 Analysis reveals three ways to boost green investment and achieve a resilient recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Arjuna Dibley Arjuna Dibley is a graduate fellow at the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Stanford Law…