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Is the Controlled Shrinking of Economies a Better Bet to Slow Climate Change Than Unproven Technologies? – InsideClimate News

Existing plans to limit global warming rely too much on “increasingly unrealistic assumptions” that societies will be able to remove huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere while simultaneously maintaining incessant economic growth over the next 50 years, according to…

Underwater ancient cypress forest offers clues to the past

(Louisiana State University) Louisiana State University marine geologist and paleoclimatologist Kristine DeLong’s new research findings uncover new information about the underwater ancient cypress forest and the Gulf Coast’s past.

Another Mass Protest Looms Over Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline In Minnesota

The biggest pipeline protest since Dakota Access is taking shape in northern Minnesota, where opponents are seeking to mobilize thousands of protesters to disrupt construction on the Alberta-to-Wisconsin project known as Line 3. Enbridge Energy, the Canadian company that owns…

As Gas Prices Skyrocket, Biden Freezes ANWR Oil-And-Gas Leases

The Interior Department announced Tuesday the suspension of all Arctic National Wildlife Refuge leases pending an environmental analysis, shutting down one of the Trump administration’s landmark energy initiatives. The order by Interior Secretary Deb Haaland freezes the 10-year leases on…


CONNECTICUT: Judge grills Exxon on venue claim in climate battle

A federal judge on Friday appeared skeptical of Exxon Mobil Corp.’s claims that the oil giant should be sued in federal court — not state court — for its alleged deception of Connecticut consumers about climate change.

Fiction Vs. Reality On Those Fossil-Fuel Subsidies

Some political targets are temporary, little more than props deployed in pursuit of a tactical advantage in the Beltway skirmish of the day. Others are permanent fixtures in the landscape, the foundations of an ideological worldview impervious to facts, reasoning,…