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Using math to examine the sex differences in dinosaurs

When you only have fossils to go off of, it’s hard to tell which dinosaur traits, like size and ornamentation, are related to the animals’ sex, and which traits are related to other things like age. But a new kind of statistical analysis can often estimate the degree of sexual variation in a dataset of fossils.

Got ‘Climate Grief’? Australia’s ABC Wants To Know If You’re Suffering

“Climate grief” is overwhelming many Australians who now suffer from “eco-despair” because of global warming, the ABC has warned. The national purveyor of climate doom published an article today warning that constant reporting of doom was creating a sense of…


The Criminology of Global Warming – – CounterPunch

Pulp mill, Longview, Washington. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair. Some – like Exxon since 1957 – have been aware that the world is facing global warming that has all the signs to render earth uninhabitable. At least with United Nations’ IPPC…

Jealous feelings can act as a tool to strengthen friendships

(Arizona State University) Jealousy can be important for maintaining friendships, which are crucial to physical and emotional health. A study conducted by scientists at Arizona State University, Oklahoma State University, and Hamilton College found feelings of jealousy were sensitive to the value of the friendship and motivated behaviors aimed at keeping friends.

Clear strategies needed to reduce bushmeat hunting

(Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology) Extensive wildlife trade not only threatens species worldwide but can also lead to the transmission of zoonotic diseases. An international research team led by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research shed new light on the motivations why people hunt, trade or consume different species. The research shows that more differentiated solutions are needed to prevent uncontrolled disease emergence and species decline.

Covid-19 and climate change: Why we need to remember what we’ve lost –

For as long as I’ve followed global warming, advocates and activists have shared a certain faith: When the impacts get really bad, people will act. Maybe it will be an especially destructive hurricane, heat wave, or flood. Maybe it will…

Our animal inheritance: Humans perk up their ears, too, when they hear interesting sounds

(Saarland University) Many animals move their ears to better focus their attention on a novel sound. That humans also have this capability was not known until now. A research team now has demonstrated that we make minute, unconscious movements of our ears that are directed towards the sound want to focus our attention on. The team discovered this ability by measuring electrical signals in the muscles of the vestigial motor system in the human ear. The results have now been published in the journal ‘eLife’.