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Earthquake risk perception: A picture is worth a thousand stats

(University of British Columbia) Realistic images can be more effective than statistics for persuading people to support seismic upgrades to schools, UBC research suggests. Seismic engineers and psychologists teamed up with a visual artist to create an image of a Vancouver school after a major earthquake. When given the opportunity to sign a petition in support of accelerating seismic upgrading, people who had seen the image were more likely to sign than those who had seen only statistics.

No matter your age, it's the quality of friendships that matters, not quantity

Researchers have determined that our social relationships at any age are important for both mental and physical health. And that’s especially true for older people. But this idea, which is widely accepted among doctors, social scientists and psychologists, isn’t yet…

Social connections, especially over food, are good for the body and soul

Do you dread holiday dinners with extended family members, neighborhood block parties or even a potluck at your workplace? You may want to work on that. A new study published in the Annual Review of Psychology journal explores why social…

Prevent memory loss by protecting your hearing and vision

You might think hearing loss is something that happens late in life, but about 30% of men and 20% of women start experiencing issues with hearing by the time they’re 40. Blame it on loud concerts or cranking up the…

ESA studies human hibernation for space travel

In movies and books, fictional astronauts enter ‘suspended animation’ to cross the vastness of space. Recently ESA investigated how real-life crew hibernation would impact a space mission to Mars.


Get over it? When it comes to recycled water, consumers won’t

If people are educated on recycled water, they may come to agree it’s perfectly safe and tastes as good — or better — than their drinking water. They may even agree it’s an answer to the critical water imbalance in California. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to use recycled water — and it sure doesn’t mean they’ll drink it. And the reason lies in the word ‘disgust.’

Putting on a 'game face' may actually boost your performance

A little groggy today? Put on your game face. Matthew Richesin, a postgraduate student at the University of Tennessee, probably heard that one before too. So he figured he would see if having a “game face” really upped one’s game….

Why some foods 'taste too good' to stop eating

It sounds like a mass conspiracy at first: food companies have figured out a way to manufacture foods that are just the right amount of sweet, salty or fatty — and now we can’t stop eating them. Unfortunately, it’s not…

EurekAlert! fellowship spotlights early-career science journalists from Latin America, other emerging regions

(American Association for the Advancement of Science) Five early-career science journalists from emerging regions will attend the 2020 AAAS Annual Meeting as winners of the 2020 EurekAlert! Fellowships for International Science Reporters.

​The link between chronic illness and shame

Chronic illnesses take a toll on both the body and mind. Not only is there suffering and sickness, but many people with chronic illness or pain often experience depression as well. Feelings of sadness are normal, but there’s one feeling…