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Disrupting immune cell behavior may contribute to heart disease and failure, study shows

A new study provides evidence that when circulating anti-inflammatory white blood cells known as monocytes fail to properly differentiate into macrophages — the cells that engulf and digest cellular debris, bacteria and viruses — certain forms of heart disease may result.

ELSI scientists discover new chemistry that may help explain the origins of cellular life

(Tokyo Institute of Technology) All life is cellular, but the origins of cellularity remain unknown. Scientists at the Earth-Life Science Institute have discovered that simple organic compounds like glycolic and lactic acid polymerize and self-assemble into cell-sized droplets when dried and rewetted, as might have happened along primitive beaches and drying puddles. These cell-like compartments can trap and concentrate biomolecules, and can merge and separate, forming versatile and heterogeneous cell-like containers possibly critical for the origin of life.

New study explains the molecular mechanism for the therapeutic effects of cilantro

Herbs, including cilantro, have a long history of use as folk medicine anticonvulsants. Until now, many of the underlying mechanisms of how the herbs worked remained unknown. In a new study, researchers uncovered the molecular action that enables cilantro to effectively delay certain seizures common in epilepsy and other diseases.

Tracking smoke from fires to improve air quality forecasting

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA’s DC-8 flying laboratory took to the skies on Monday to kick off a two-month investigation into the life cycles of smoke from fires in the United States. The goal is to better understand smoke impact on weather and climate and provide information that will lead to improved air quality forecasting.

Scientists Create First-Ever Magnetic Liquid – and Its Movements Are Mesmerizing – ‘We almost couldn’t believe it

Both inventors of centuries past and scientists of today have found ingenious ways to make our lives better with magnets—from the magnetic needle on a compass to magnetic data storage devices and even MRI body scan machines. All of these technologies rely on magnets made from solid materials. But what if you could make a […]

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Are moons forming around this distant gas giant planet?

After many years of searching, astronomers have finally found what appears to be a circumplanetary disk – that is, a disk of gas and dust – surrounding a young exoplanet. Evidence suggests that moons may be forming there.


Boosting the discovery of new drugs to treat spinal cord injuries using zebrafish

A research team led by Leonor Saúde, Principal Investigator at Instituto de Medicina Molecular, in partnership with the company Technophage, SA, has designed a simple and efficient platform that uses zebrafish to discover and identify new drugs to treat spinal cord lesions. This study is the proof-of-concept for the use of this zebrafish platform that, combined with drug repurposing, has the potential to accelerate the translation period from the discovery to the clinics.