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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


New Shipping Material Made From Popcorn Can Replace Styrofoam ‘Peanuts’

In a stroke of scientific genius, a German researcher enjoying a box of popcorn in a dark movie theater realized that the overpriced, butter-soaked concession had the exact same size and consistency as Styrofoam packing peanuts. Considering Styrofoam is made from polystyrene, which requires fossil fuel extraction and takes centuries to break down into yet […]

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150 Brands Unite to Clean Up Our Paper Supply – Saving Global Forests and Improving Recycling

Pack4Good, a campaign by the NGO Canopy, is one of the fastest growing corporate responsibility platforms in America for ensuring paper packaging is not coming from virgin, endangered, or valuable forests. Canopy’s work in auditing supply chains and providing recycled or sustainable packaging solutions has attracted 750 brands across all its campaigns, including e-commerce giants […]

The post 150 Brands Unite to Clean Up Our Paper Supply – Saving Global Forests and Improving Recycling appeared first on Good News Network.

ExxonMobil’s Neglected Shareholders Feeling The Heat

On May 26, over the objection of company management, two new directors were elected to ExxonMobil’s 12-member board. The Washington Post called it a “ratification of shareholders’ unhappiness with the way the company had been addressing climate change and its lagging financial performance.” Not…

Opinion | To Fight Climate Change, Replace Fossil Fuels at Home and Work – The New York Times

Our future depends on our acting now to confront the climate crisis by enacting policies to convert our economy from fossil fuels to clean energy. By making this switch, we will also create millions of new jobs, save American households…

Watch: Oil Exec Roasts Woke North Face’s Oil And Gas Hypocrisy

Here’s a story to lift the spirits on World Environment Day: a woke clothing company getting totally roasted by an oil industry executive. The woke clothing company is North Face, the mountain-wear manufacturer which in December last year refused an…

Visualizing cement hydration on a molecular level

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT researchers used Raman microspectroscopy to observe dynamic chemical reactions in cement, which could point the way toward carbon-absorbing concrete designs.

Biden’s Latest Climate Order Will Undermine America’s Financial Stability

Late last month, President Joe Biden issued yet another executive order related to fighting climate change that will effectively conscript the U.S. financial sector into the climate war. This executive order sets out to effectively transform the nation’s energy sector…

Predicting the ocean: Improved forecast and insights for the Mediterranean and Black Seas

(CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) Daily bulletins, an increased model resolution, and novel parameterization schemes: new scientific products are used to produce new Mediterranean and Black Seas operational forecasts for Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) by a team of CMCC researchers.

Passing the acid test: New, low-pH system recycles more carbon into valuable products

(University of Sydney) An engineering researcher from the University of Sydney, in collaboration with a team at the University of Toronto, has developed an electrochemical system that coverts a greater amount of CO2 into valuable products, such as ethylene and ethanol. These are used in everyday materials, from plastic to Lycra.

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