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For Climate Extremists, Bird-Chopping Wind Blades Are A-Okay

Earlier this month I participated in a climate interview in which I mentioned peer-reviewed research finding wind turbines kill more than one million birds and bats each year in the United States. The host of the program did not seem…

The Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Will Come To Market With New Flexible Lease Model

Fisker looks to be heading towards production for its fully electric SUV, the Ocean, as the firm officially opened up the reservation queue with a fully refundable $250 deposit per vehicle. The Ocean will be offered through a flexible app-based lease starting at just $379 per month after a $2,999 downpayment in a unique model that melds the worlds of on-demand transportation solutions and vehicle ownership

Climate Change Is Accelerating: ‘Things Are Getting Worse’ – The New York Times

More devastating fires in California. Persistent drought in the Southwest. Record flooding in Europe and Africa. A heat wave, of all things, in Greenland. Climate change and its effects are accelerating, with climate related disasters piling up, season after season….

Less rice, more nutritious crops will enhance India’s food supply

(Data Science Institute at Columbia) India can sustainably enhance its food supply if its farmers plant less rice and more nutritious and environmentally-friendly crops, including finger millet, pearl millet, and sorghum, according to a new study from the Data Science Institute at Columbia University.

Researchers decipher small Dead Sea mammal’s vocal communication

(Bar-Ilan University) With the Law of Brevity in mind, researchers examined whether call amplitude, rather than call duration, might be the main factor by which animal vocal repertoires are optimized. They fitted rock hyraxes with audio recorders and logged all of their calls, creating full vocal repertoire. The researchers demonstrate how changing necessities can affect the development of different voices for various purposes, and provide clues as to how the complexity of human language began to develop.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Hit a Record in 2019, Even as Coal Fades – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide from fossil fuels hit a record high in 2019, researchers said Tuesday, putting countries farther off course from their goal of halting global warming. The new data contained glimmers of good news: Worldwide, industrial…

Lucid Motors Begins Construction Of Arizona Factory

Lucid Motors factory in ArizonaAfter 3 years of delay, Lucid Motors has begun building its factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, thanks to a $1 billion line of funding from Saudi Arabia. Production is expected to begin in about a year.