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Limiting Global Warming Will Minimise Climate Costs: Study – Saurenergy

A recent study suggests that if global warming can be restricted to 2 degrees Celcius, the costs of climate damage control will also decrease. A recent study by a group of Postdam scientists has found that the Paris Agreement apart…


Lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash

Scientists are using high-energy pulses of electricity to turn any source of carbon into turbostratic graphene in an instant. The process promises environmental benefits by turning waste into valuable graphene that can then strengthen concrete and other composite materials.

Everything to know about the Mars 2020 rover

First announced in December 2012, the Mars 2020 rover will finally leave Earth later this summer and travel more than 35 million miles to its new home. Once on the surface, this car-sized science lab (10 feet x 9 feet…

Dems’ War On Fracking Will Cost Them In Swing States

Most presidential campaigns feature a familiar refrain: Each candidate promises to create millions of new jobs. The 2020 primaries are unusual in that nearly all the Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Michael Bloomberg are solemnly…

With the En-ROADS climate simulator, you can build your own solutions to global warming – Yale Climate Connections

Killer hurricanes, devastating wildfires, melting glaciers, and sunny-day flooding in more and more coastal areas around the world have birthed a fatalistic view cleverly dubbed by Mary Annaïse Heglar of the Natural Resources Defense Council as “de-nihilism“. One manifestation: An…

Idaho lawmakers told global warming has helped state – 6 On Your Side

BOISE, Idaho — An attorney with an Illinois-based group that dismisses human-caused climate change told Idaho lawmakers that the warming that has occurred has benefited the state and increased crop production. The Heartland Institute’s James Taylor spoke to a House…

Venom-producing snake organoids developed in the lab

(Hubrecht Institute) A team of scientists from the group of Hans Clevers at the Hubrecht Institute, the Netherlands, has developed a mini-venom glands of various snake species. These mini-glands (organoids) are derived from stem cells found in adult snakes and can be cultured indefinitely. Using their new model system, the scientists could identify new toxin-producing cells. The organoids were also used to produce venom in vitro. This may open up new paths for anti-venom and drug development.