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WHITE HOUSE: Work begins on key climate report under Trump

The next National Climate Assessment is beginning to take shape at a time when President Trump warned world leaders to reject “alarmists” and as his conservative allies make plans to intervene in the report’s preparation to question the findings of mainstream scientists.


How a Trillion Trees Triumphed Over Trump’s Climate Denialism – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — People warned Marc Benioff, the billionaire chief executive of Salesforce, not to bother talking to the White House about global warming. But Mr. Benioff, a tech mogul and environmental philanthropist, felt sure he had found a climate change…


SEC: Proposal would limit climate resolutions by small investors

A proposal by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to change the shareholder resolution process has drawn opposition from climate-minded financial groups that say the move would undermine small investors’ right to push corporations in a greener direction.


WILDLIFE: Rising temperatures partly to blame in bumblebees’ decline

What would spring be without the gentle drone of fuzzy bumblebees, lazily dipping in and out of flowers in the warm sunshine? Unfortunately, research suggests, much of the country may be at risk of finding out. And climate change is at least partly to blame.


EMISSIONS: An oil company wants to take CO2 from air. Here’s why

Occidental Petroleum Corp., the Texas shale titan, is trying to transform itself into a “carbon manager.” In the past two years, it has invested in an array of enterprises aimed at cutting carbon from factories, power plants and the atmosphere itself.

Warren’s Rx To Fight Pandemics Is To Fight Climate Change

The coronavirus is now a “global health emergency” according to the World Health Organization. Not to worry: Sen. Elizabeth Warren is on the case and she has a plan: fight global warming! For seemingly every problem facing America, real or…