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Tesla FUD: I Was Wrong

CarsA while ago, I started a semi-regular series in which I examined specific cases of Tesla FUD (or “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”). The plan was that I would look at a FUD topic that it seemed a ton of stock analysts were suddenly communicating about Tesla. The idea began because in my regular check-ins about how Tesla was doing, I would often find my newsfeed dominated by a bunch of writers claiming the same basic idea, and how that idea showed that Tesla was in big trouble

Why Do The NYTimes & Other Large Media Outlets Get Tesla & EVs So Wrong?

Among people closely following Tesla, it seems that the biggest topic of the past week has been biased and misleading coverage of Tesla, and electric vehicles or cleantech more generally, from major media outlets

Tesla’s Alligator-Like Adversaries Represent $3.6 Trillion In Revenue Per Year (Infographic)

Many have wondered why the mainstream press coverage of Tesla is so relentlessly negative. Someone who wasn’t familiar with the company, glancing at a typical day’s headlines, might imagine that Tesla is a company that uses child labor to manufacture chemical weapons to sell to terrorists, rather than one that builds universally-admired cars in American factories with the goal of reducing air pollution and making the roads safer

The World Inside Tesla Is Completely Different From The Media’s Portrayal Of Tesla

Walking into Tesla’s large, open, light office space at its Fremont factory, it only took a moment before something hit me. The atmosphere is enormously different from the image of Tesla that you find in much of the media

Tesla Model 3 — As Cheap As A Toyota Or Honda But 3× Better

We’re at a pretty wild time in automotive history. We’ve got a car on the market that has better performance than a BMW 3 Series or 4 Series, is safer than any other passenger car, has a “fuel efficiency” rating of about 120 MPGe, and has a 5-year total cost of ownership comparable with a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord

From Broder To The 2018 Tesla Short Seller Storm To Today — What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Some of the most interesting shifts in our lives come through odd luck — or fate if your brain works how mine does. Believe it or not, I didn’t plan to land in the career of “blogger” when I went to college in the year

Tesla’s Insanely Awesome Growth Not Impressing People Who Expected Much Worse … Wait, What?

Tesla reported financials for the 4th quarter of 2018 and for all of 2018 last week. The company also gave some guidance for the coming quarters. The results included Tesla’s second consecutive quarter of profits, which came after months of Wall Street analysts and the financial media claiming that Tesla was about to run out of cash (and might even go bankrupt), couldn’t possibly post a profitable quarter in 2018 (and certainly not two quarters of profits), and would need to raise money again to fund its massive “cash burning” production processes.

Shocking Revelations About Tesla Financials & Forecasts (… Or Not) — #Bankwuptcy #Pravduh

WARNING: This article is centered around faux distortions of positive Tesla news, like you might see from Seeking Alpha or Wall Street analysts. The point is to add context and perspective (after the faux distortions) to the kinds of reactions you might see on larger media sites like CNBC and Business Insider

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