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News about Climate Change and our Planet


As Himalayas Warm, Nepal’s Climate Migrants Struggle to Survive – The New York Times

DHYE, Nepal — High in the Himalayas, on a rugged plateau dotted with empty mud huts, an exodus has begun. In the village of Dhye, crops are stubby, dead stalks. Water is scarce. The only school closed a few years…

Global supply chains as a way to curb carbon emissions

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) The coronavirus outbreak raised everyone’s awareness of the significance of global supply chains to modern economies. But global supply chains also play an important role in greenhouse gas emissions. How they are managed can either increase or decrease carbon emissions, new research shows.

Longer lives not dependent on increased energy use

(University of Leeds) Growing consumption of energy and fossil fuels over four decades did not play a significant role in increasing life expectancy across 70 countries. New research, led by the University of Leeds, has quantified the importance of different development factors to improvements in physical health on an international scale.


U.N. Shifts from Climate Change to Coronavirus – Scientific American

The novel coronavirus pandemic is now the world’s top priority. Climate change will have to be put on the back burner, for now. That was the message delivered to reporters from U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, via an unprecedented online press…

Global warming, a threat to human life – The Nation

This gradual increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is negatively impacting nature and mounts a serious threat to people. Global warming affects the population and distribution of species, ecological composition, natural production of fuels and goods leading to habitat…

If you’re poor, poverty is an environmental issue

(Cornell University) A survey from Cornell researchers — conducted among more than 1,100 US residents — found that there were, in fact, demographic differences in how people viewed environmental issues, with racial and ethnic minorities and lower-income people more likely to consider human factors such as racism and poverty as environmental, in addition to more ecological issues like toxic fumes from factories or car exhaust.

'Cashless' stores don't work for everyone

When I was living near the poverty line for a couple years, the only way I could keep from overdrawing my bank account was to pay for day-to-day necessities in cash. It’s just easier to control your spending when you…

Eliminating Fossil Fuels Now Would Have No Effect On Temps

The climate alarmist community loves computer models, especially those that predict, with certainty, that the Earth will become uninhabitable by as early as 2050 unless human production of CO2 is drastically reduced, if not eliminated altogether. A sixteen-year-old Swedish schoolgirl,…

An Unusual New York City Election Tests Whether Global Warming Can Win A Local Race – HuffPost

RIDGEWOOD, N.Y. ― In a past life, during the halcyon days before hipsters colonized New York City’s outer boroughs, Costa Constantinides sold toys here in this working-class, immigrant neighborhood in central Queens.  It was a time when the city had…