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Cloud Seeding: Does It Prevent Global Warming or Worsens It? – Science Times

Cloud seeding has been used in many countries to enhance precipitation, dissipate fog, and modify hurricanes. It can be done by humans and can also occur naturally. But this method is controversial for many reasons. Clouds protect the planet by reflecting…

NASA Uses Supercomputers and AI to Count Earth’s Trees From Space For the First Time

To get a sense of how much carbon the Earth can store, and how it changes over time, scientists would need to count a bewildering number of trees, and track their growth over time. Incredibly, the folks at NASA are now using supercomputers to do precisely that—via top-down imaging from space. Scientists from NASA’s Goddard […]

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Depressing Study Shows a Big Issue With Using Cloud Seeding to Solve Global Warming – ScienceAlert

The clouds that hang low and thick in our sky, reflecting sunlight back out into space, are melting into thin air as the world warms. The loss will not only trigger greater climate changes than we expected, but new research…

New solvent-based recycling process could cut down on millions of tons of plastic waste

Multilayer plastic materials are ubiquitous in food and medical supply packaging, particularly since layering polymers can give those films specific properties, like heat resistance or oxygen and moisture control. But despite their utility, those ever-present plastics are impossible to recycle using conventional methods.

UK is ‘Looking to the future,’ Setting a Ban on Gas and Diesel Car Sales For 2030

The long-hypothesized ban in the UK on the sale of cars that burn fossil fuels has been officially scheduled for 2030, making it the earliest of the powerful Western economies to do so. The ban comes into effect five years ahead of previously discussed deadlines; it would affect both gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, and five […]

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Middle Stone Age populations repeatedly occupied West African coast

Researchers reveal evidence of Middle Stone Age occupations of the West African coast. Ranging from 62 to 25 thousand years ago, the largest well-dated assemblages from the region clearly document technological continuity across almost 40,000 years in West Africa.

Glyphosate may affect human gut microbiota

More than half of bacterial species in the core of the human gut microbiome are potentially sensitive to glyphosate, shows new research. Researchers introduced the first bioinformatics resource to determine and test the potential sensitivity of organisms to glyphosate.


Pressure grows on Boris Johnson over UK carbon emissions plan

Boris Johnson is facing a fresh test of his green commitments as the UK prepares to submit its national plan on future carbon emissions, before crucial UN climate negotiations. Pressure is growing on the prime minister to come up with…