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The biggest source of microplastics in fresh water is laundry lint

When you clean out your dryer lint screen, you get a clump of fluff that comes from your clothes and other laundry. But that’s not the only place these fibers are going. Sometimes they never even make it to the…

‘Greenwashing’: fossil fuel execs to hold invite-only forum at UN climate summit

Oil and gas executives are holding an exclusive invitation-only forum with environmentalists and government representatives on the sidelines of the UN climate summit, in what critics have condemned as an attempt to influence negotiations in favour of fossil fuel companies….

These kids are making the world a better place

Ruby Kate Chitsey was heartbroken when she learned that a resident in the Arkansas nursing home where her mother worked had to give up her dog because she couldn’t afford to feed it. The resident, Pearl, received only $40 a…


Fungicides as an underestimated hazard for freshwater organisms

Large amounts of fungicides, used in agriculture, leak into nearby surface waters. The effects of it on aquatic organisms are poorly understood and not specifically addressed in the EU regulatory frameworks with respect to the protection of surface waters. Scientists have found that pollution by fungicides can have unforeseen but far-reaching consequences for the functioning of aquatic systems — like indirect effects on the development of algal blooms.


Nature documentaries increasingly talk about threats to nature, but still don’t show them

Researchers analyzing recent BBC and Netflix nature documentaries found that although they increasingly mention threats to nature, visual depictions of these threats remain scarce, potentially misleading audiences on the state of the natural world.

Learn What 370 Schools Are Now Teaching in a Massive New Mental Health Research Trial

One of the world’s largest trials ever undertaken in the realm of mental health is now underway in the classrooms of hundreds of schools in England—and GNN has learned new details about the curriculum, as outcomes are being evaluated for the first round of data. Thousands of children and teens are being taught wellness techniques […]

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Two New Papers: Rapid Deceleration Of Greenland Ice-Sheet Melt Since 2013

Greenland’s ice sheet mass losses have significantly decelerated since 2013 – a reversal from the rapid retreat from the 1990s to 2012 driven by cloud forcing and the NAO (Ruan et al., 2019). The post-2013 “relatively stable” ice sheet even…