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News about Climate Change and our Planet


One Stem Cell Injection to Target Inflammation Slashed Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke By 58%

A large trial showed that a single injection of a patient’s own stem cells into their heart was able to reduce inflammation and risk of heart attack and stroke by 58% if they had heart failure. 6 million Americans have clinical diagnoses of heart failure, a condition designated by a lack of ability for the […]

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Nein! Over 82% Of Berlin Voters Refused To Support 2030 Climate Neutrality

The results of the “Berlin Climate Neutrality By 2030” referendum tell us that FFF and Last Generation are fringe movements, remote to even Berlin’s mainstream. The radical climate activists will need a long time to recover from this major setback….

UK is Europe’s worst private jet polluter, study finds

The UK is the private jet capital of Europe, with more flights than anywhere else on the continent, analysis has found. Last year, a private jet set off from the UK once every six minutes, putting the country ahead of…

Multiple Outlets Admit Hysterical Climate Coverage Is Counterproductive

After the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest Synthesis Report, multiple media outlets cautioned their peers against leaning too far into the catastrophe narrative, as it might be counterproductive for climate policy and, perhaps, inaccurate too….

Brazilian Govt Wants Permanent Climate Emergency For Over 1,000 Cities

Brazil’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Marina Silva Sunday admitted that President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva’s administration was considering the possibility of declaring a state of climate emergency in 1,038 municipalities mapped as most vulnerable, Agencia Brasil reported….

Rise of ‘fuel-guzzling’ SUVs costing Australians $13bn extra at the pump per year, report finds

Surging SUV ownership means Australians are needlessly spending an extra $13bn a year to fuel their cars, and the trend is sending transport emissions into overdrive at the same time similar nations are reducing them. Analysis from the Australia Institute…

‘Rewilding’ Parts of the Planet Could Have Big Climate Benefits – InsideClimate News

Restoring populations of land and marine animals in targeted “rewilding” zones would speed up biological carbon pumps that remove carbon dioxide from the air and sequester the greenhouse gas where it doesn’t harm the climate, new research shows. An international…

Want to sequester carbon? Save wild animals – Grist

As the world increasingly turns toward natural climate solutions like reforestation and grassland restoration to sequester carbon, it may be overlooking a crucial ally: animals.  Protecting existing populations and restoring others to their natural habitats often improves the natural capture…

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