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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Joint US-EU Press Release on the Global Methane Pledge –

The United States and European Union announced today the Global Methane Pledge, an initiative to reduce global methane emissions to be launched at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in November in Glasgow.  President Biden and European Commission President…

Biden, world leaders push climate action, vow methane cuts – Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden tried on Friday to hammer out the world’s next steps against rapidly worsening climate change with a small group of other global leaders and announced a new U.S.-European pledge to cut climate-wrecking methane leaks….

Our Last Best Chance to Stop Global Warming – Santa Barbara Independent

If you’re confused about the two infrastructure bills now pending in the Congress, you’re not alone. Together they address everything from updating roads, bridges, railroads, and airports to cleaning up Superfund sites; pre-kindergarten expansion; lowering the price of prescription drugs;…

Biden to Host Meeting on Climate Change With World Leaders – The New York Times

President Biden will virtually convene on Friday some of the leaders of the nations most responsible for climate change, urging them to do more to slash greenhouse gas emissions ahead of a critical United Nations summit in November. Mr. Biden…

U.S., EU pursuing global deal to slash planet-warming methane, documents show – CNBC

Calgren’s renewable fuels facility that cleans dairy methane into natural gas is shown in Pixley, California, October 2, 2019. Mike Blake | Reuters The United States and the European Union have agreed to aim to cut emissions of the planet-warming…

EPA confirms climate impacts are more adverse for racial minorities in the Southwest – Nevada Current

The worst effects of climate change are disproportionately falling on “underserved communities who are least able to prepare for, and recover from, heat waves, poor air quality, flooding, and other impacts,” according to an Environmental Protection Agency report released last…


The climate advocates who say Harvard’s oil divestment is a mistake

Even as climate activists celebrated Harvard University’s promise to cleanse its multibillion-dollar investment fund of holdings in fossil fuel companies last week, others dedicated to the fight against the climate crisis wondered if the real winner was the oil industry….

Climate change is hurting our health: 3 stories you may have missed – Conservation International

Stop global warming or face “catastrophic harm” to human health, journal editors warn in an urgent call for action. The story: In an unprecedented joint editorial, the world’s leading medical journals warned that global warming is increasingly harmful to human…

“On a Track to True Climate Catastrophe” – Experts Respond to Landmark IPCC Report – SciTechDaily

“The report, while complex, carries a sobering and simple message: we are on a track to true climate catastrophe.” – Benjamin Sovacool Professor of Energy Policy in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) and Director of the Sussex Energy Group UN scientists recently released…

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