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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Cyclone over Arctic Ocean – August 24, 2019

As illustrated by above map, Arctic heating is accelerating, with temperatures showing up in the Arctic that are up to 4.41°C hotter than the average global temperature during 1880-1920. The image below shows two plots. On the left-hand side is…

NASA: Amazon Wildfire Activity Slightly Below Average This Year

Short summary: We have had wildfires for many years now in the Amazon, even in the tropical rainforest – mainly started by humans for forest clearing and ranching. It is not enough to impact significantly on the Paris agreement pledges…

Frying oil consumption worsened colon cancer and colitis in mice, study shows

Food scientists have shown that feeding frying oil to mice exaggerated colonic inflammation, enhanced tumor growth and worsened gut leakage, spreading bacteria or toxic bacterial products into the bloodstream.

BBC Alarmism: Climate Change Could Expose More Underwater Wrecks And Ruins

Today’s silly story comes from BBC News (where else?) More ancient monuments and historic ruins will be uncovered as extreme weather caused by climate change gets more frequent, an expert has said. The remains of a shipwreck off the Abergele…

Britain Has Been Brainwashed By The Sinister Green Religion Of Climate Change

Over half British adults claim to be ‘very concerned’ about climate change. According to an Ipsos MORI poll conducted for the London Evening Standard, 85 percent are ‘concerned’ and 52 percent ‘very concerned’. And the figures are going up. According…

Conflicting consequences of climate change for Arctic nesting geese

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Climate change is the big wild card when it comes to the survival of many Arctic species. A new study shows that climate change will be both good and bad for Svalbard barnacle goose populations — although the balance may tip depending upon the severity of future temperature increases, and how other species react.

Climate change will alter waves along half the world’s coast

(National Oceanography Centre, UK) New research finds that a warming planet will also alter ocean waves along more than 50% of the world’s coastlines. This research, published in Nature Climate Change, has significant implications for coastal flooding and erosion.

Young Activists Fostering Fear Using Fake Walrus And Polar Bear Narratives

Despite a demand by radical protest group Extinction Rebellion that governments “tell the truth” about climate change, it’s apparent that when it comes to walrus’ extinction risk they prefer the contrived walrus tragedy porn compiled by David Attenborough and his…

When Colleagues Warn You To Keep The Climate Catastrophe On Message

Given the issues raised by the Nature Communications blacklist fiasco last week, I thought it might be useful to show readers who don’t work in science an example of the kind of not-so-subtle dissuasion that can be used by “scientists…