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News about Climate Change and our Planet


5 ways the new Inflation Reduction act bill will fight climate change – NBC News

More clean energy, less dirty energy, new punishments for methane leaks and billions of dollars for communities most in need of climate-related help — those are the provisions that have environmentalists celebrating what they see as a monumental step for…

Global warming could affect children’s fitness – UPI News

Children are not as physically fit as their parents were when they were kids, and this will likely harm them as the Earth warms, new research claims. The findings are based on a comprehensive review of more than 150 studies…

Here Is Why Reducing Carbon Footprint Must Be A Priority For Everyone –

Around heads of 120 countries all over the world met at the Conference Of Parties (COP) 26 convened by the UK and Italy in Glasgow. The agenda of this annual event was to sit, discuss and review how the climate…

Too hot to play! Childhood obesity and inactivity increasing because of climate change – Study Finds

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — Kids today are nearly a third less aerobically fit than their parents at the same age and one researcher says it could be because of climate change. Scientists say that record highs of obesity and physical inactivity…

The Supreme Court’s Own Goal on Climate Change – Lawfare

In 1970, Sen. Roman Hruska of Nebraska achieved a dubious immortality when he argued that mediocrity deserves “a little representation” on the Supreme Court in remarks supporting the failed nomination of G. Harrold Carswell. Were he alive today, Hruska could…

3-Foot Giant Tortoise Saved From Train Tracks Thanks to Determined Woman Who Spotted the Escapee

Train services bound for Cambridge, England, were halted to rescue a giant tortoise that had strayed onto the tracks. Clyde the tortoise was spotted walking the rail line, but the report was initially not taken seriously by railway workers. After a passenger spotted the animal on a track northeast of Thetford, in Norfolk, she immediately […]

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Is Cricket Sustainable Amid Climate Change? – The New York Times

The joke is that if you want it to rain during this wetter-than-usual summer in the Caribbean, just start a cricket match. Beneath the humor is seemingly tacit agreement with the assertion in a 2018 climate report that of all…

From heat deaths to worsening allergies, climate change harms health – The Gila Herald

Photo By Ralph Freso/Getty Images: Advocates are calling for more action to combat the health effects of climate change. In Arizona, health conditions related to rising temperatures are a primary concern.  By Alexandra Conforti/Cronkite News PHOENIX – As a climate change…

NYT: Like Wildfires, Giant ‘Reset’ Floods Not Only Destroy—They Renew

The floodwaters that roared off the Yellowstone plateau and ripped through southern Montana in June have altered so much of the Yellowstone River that whitewater raft guides said they would have to relearn how to float the changed route. [bold,…

Playing Sports at School Makes People Grittier and Harder Working

Playing sports at school makes people “grittier” and harder working, boosts the chances of achieving long-term goals, and having successful careers, say scientists. Oftentimes old fashioned notions about people arose from a collected experiential wisdom, and in this case, Teddy Roosevelt’s notion that sports hardens a young man seems correct. A study looked at adults who […]

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