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Photos of theater-loving service dogs go viral

To bark or not to bark? That is the question — but not for one set of patrons, who wouldn’t dream of it. A series of photos went viral recently, showing these precious pups attending a performance of “Billy Elliot…

Green space is good for your mental health — the nearer the better!

(University of Warwick) Living within 300m of urban green space such as parks, nature reserves or play areas is associated with greater happiness, sense of worth, and life satisfaction — according to a new study by researchers at the University of Warwick, Newcastle University and the University of Sheffield.

​How biomass helps farmers make the most of 'waste wood'

Trees are an important part of any farm. They reduce erosion and flooding, absorb air pollutants, provide habitat for insect-eating birds, and cast shade to help livestock stay cool. They produce crops, too, whether it’s fruit and nuts at an…

Arecibo Observatory gets $12.3 million grant

Arecibo in Puerto Rico was completed in 1963. In recent years, it has weathered multiple hurricanes. The emergency supplemental funds – supported by the U.S. Congress – represent an investment in the future of this large, famous and much-loved radio dish.


13 fun and sustainable activities to enjoy before summer ends

The dog days of summer linger from early morning until late into the evening, providing plenty of opportunities to play, travel and work in the yard. If you’re focused on making sure those summer activities are earth-friendly, we’ve brainstormed some ideas to get you into the great outdoors without leaving a heavy footprint in your wake.

From the tiny testes of flies, new insight into how genes arise

(Rockefeller University) A common birthplace of new genes, the male testes are a hotspot for biological innovation. Within these organs, scientists have found a trove of virgin genetic sequences–and a better understanding of how evolution moves forward.

Rock Stars Say ‘No’ To Recording Greta The Eco-Grouch’s Essay

My faith in rock music has been temporarily restored. According to the manager of The 1975, the execrable essay/song that his band recorded with diminutive doom-monger Greta Thunberg had previously been rejected by other bands. By ‘bigger artists than The…