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Could biotechnology be the vital catalyst to deliver a green economic recovery?

(University of Manchester) Biotechnology’s game-changing role as a catalyst to reboot a greener economy is the focus of a summit hosted by The University of Manchester. George Freeman MP, former-Life Sciences minister, will join a debate featuring leading experts from Manchester Institute of Biotechnology plus national policy-makers on the green growth agenda. The event will be run from 3pm on Wednesday, July 15, and register here:


Microplastic pollution harms lobster larvae, study finds

Microplastic fiber pollution in the ocean impacts larval lobsters at each stage of their development, according to new research. A study reports that the fibers affect the animals’ feeding and respiration, and they could even prevent some larvae from reaching adulthood.

We’re No. 1: Global warming has surpassed global cycle – Haaretz

In the last 150 years, since the industrial revolution began, anthropogenic heating has increased the global mean temperature by more than 1 degree Celsius. That increase has wiped out the natural cooling trend that began 6,500 years ago, in which…


‘Apocalypse Never’ Review: False Gods For Lost Souls

There is a recurring puzzle in the history of the environmental movement: Why do green activists keep promoting policies that are harmful not only to humans but also to the environment? Michael Shellenberger is determined to solve this problem, and…

Process for ‘two-faced’ nanomaterials may aid energy, information tech

(DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) A team led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory used a simple process to implant atoms precisely into the top layers of ultra-thin crystals, yielding two-sided structures with different chemical compositions. The resulting materials, known as Janus structures after the two-faced Roman god, may prove useful in developing energy and information technologies.