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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Some Climate Activists Say We Should Worry Only About People, Not Polar Bears. Do We Have to Choose? – Sierra Magazine

Have you noticed that the polar bear has become persona non grata among some of the climate movement’s most influential voices? Take, for example, Gina McCarthy, the most powerful climate change official in the United States after President Joe Biden. As she…

Worrying insights into the chemicals in plastics

(ETH Zurich) ETH researchers examined chemicals in plastics worldwide. They found an unexpectedly high number of substances of potential concern intentionally used in everyday plastic products. A lack of transparency limits management of these chemicals.


Michigan Develops a $97 Million Plan to Improve Recycling

How well do the residents in your state do when it comes to recycling? In “The 50 States of Recycling: A State-By-State Assessment of Containers and Packaging Recycling Rates,” Maine and Vermont ranked the highest. They were followed by Massachusetts, Oregon, Connecticut, New York, Minnesota, and Michigan.Michigan did well with a recycling rate of 48% […]


Products and Tips That Help You Reduce Waste While Grocery Shopping

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. Starting with the produce section, you probably ended up with several plastic bags that contained your potatoes, some fruit, the cauliflower you needed, and your onions. Continuing to the meat and seafood area, you have more plastic and styrofoam. Even if you buy from the butcher or […]

Lawmakers ‘Break Free From Logic’ With Anti-Plastic ‘Climate’ Legislation

In an effort to address the so-called “climate crisis,” members of Congress have proposed legislation so extreme that it could destroy the entire U.S. plastics industry, forcing the United States to rely on China and other nations to meet the…


SUSTAINABILITY: Amazon delivers defeat to plastics and lobbying resolutions

The board of Inc. yesterday beat back all 11 shareholder resolutions that were up for a vote at the retail giant’s annual meeting, including one on the plastic pollution it produces and another on the company’s lobbying efforts.

Global warming is boiling our testicles, suggesting a new animal fertility crisis looms – Salon

Dr. Thomas Price, a senior lecturer of evolution, ecology and behavior at the University of Liverpool, has had a lot of time to consider how humans are at a disadvantage because of our external reproductive organs. Some animals have testicles inside…

El plástico de un solo uso crece en el mundo y estos son los responsables

El plástico de usar y tirar que viene con nuestra comida para llevar y envuelve nuestra ropa de la lavandería se considera uno de los mayores peligros medioambientales del mundo. Contamina cuando se produce, mediante la extracción de combustibles fósiles,…