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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Environment Ministry to get extra NIS 625 million to fight climate change – The Times of Israel

The two-year state budget approved by ministers on Monday includes for the first time a special allocation of NIS 625 million (nearly $195 million) to fight climate change. The complex 2021-2022 national budget must now pass through committee stages and…

Boris’s Gas Boiler Ban Will Bankrupt Britain

Boris Johnson is reportedly considering granting the humble gas boiler an extra five-year stay of execution. We will now have to get rid of our trusty combi gas boilers and oil-fired central heating systems by 2040. From then on, we…


Ten Unusual Places Where Researchers Have Found Microplastics

Any plastic piece that’s less than five millimeters in length is known as microplastic. To better understand how tiny these pieces are, a grain of rice is a little larger. It’s about the size of a pencil eraser.Microplastics come from plastic that’s not recycled and breaks down. Small fragments chip or flake off as the […]

Connecticut farmers are finding there’s no easy way to deal with climate extremes – The CT Mirror

Heading into Memorial Day weekend, Jamie Jones was sweating it. “Here I am in late May and I’m like – if we don’t get rain either tomorrow afternoon or over the weekend or on Friday, come post Memorial Day we’re…

Mussels Can Help Filter Microplastics Out of Our Oceans Without Harming Themselves

Instead of shelling out for a water filtration plant, mussels’ constant filter feeding is being tested as a potential wide-scale application for microplastic clean-up in our oceans. Belying their humble evolutionary stature, the mussel can do something that humanity could only achieve by spending millions on equipment, and that is cleaning microplastics smaller than 5mm […]

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Another Global Warming Fact That Alarmists Want Buried

The entire climate change movement has been shady from its beginnings. Data have been hidden, truth has been sacrificed to politics, and hypocrisy and personal interests among its “leaders” have produced a giant credibility deficit. The more we learn, the…

The ‘Wizard of Paws’ Makes Prosthetics to Fit Any Animal – Lending a Human Hand of Compassion

When an animal faces the loss of mobility—especially when there’s an amputation involved—the impact can be devastating. Until not all that long ago, chances for a normal life were slim. If only someone could come up with a solution, imagine the difference it could make to countless lives? Well, someone has. Derrick Campana, star of […]

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Get Back to the Basics: Know How Recycling Works To Make It Effective

Recycling goes back farther than you might think. In the 1800s, collectors were known as “ragmen.” They would go from home to home looking to purchase people’s old rags. The ragmen sold those rags to industries that turned them into paper.At the same time, workers at local garbage sites would sort through the trash that […]

Greenpeace Has Become Another Branch Of The UK Government

Have a look at this video footage of enviro loon activists blockading a McDonald’s meat plant in the UK. Do you smell a rat? I do. Around 100 protesters have set up a blockade at what they say is the…

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