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WaPo Raves About Gore-Inspired Baseball Player Trying To Save The World

Brent Suter is a relief pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers who isn’t looking to Mariano Rivera or Lee Smith, two relievers who were recently inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame, for his inspiration. His role model is Al Gore, and…

Biodegradable alternative to replace microplastics in cosmetics and toiletries

(University of Bath) Plastic microbeads were banned from shower gels and toothpaste in the UK last year, but could still be hiding in your suncream or lipstick. Now start-up company Naturbeads, based at the University of Bath, is working with companies to replace microplastics in these products with biodegradable microbeads made from cellulose.

Don’t Panic About Climate Change—The End Isn’t Nigh

Remember those men who used to wander the streets with placards proclaiming “The End Is Nigh” in big black letters, shouting about how the world is about to be destroyed and how we’ll all go to Hell? We used to pass…


Holiday Inn hotels will phase out mini shampoo bottles

The owner of Holiday Inn, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), has pledged to do away with the convenient but wasteful mini shampoo and soap bottles that are a staple in its 843,000 guest rooms.


New line of mens swimwear is made from recycled ocean plastic

Bluebuck menswear based in London has released a line of swim trunks made from certified Seaqual™ yarn, produced from recycled ocean plastic collected by Spanish fishermen from the Mediterranean seabed. To top it off, 5% of all swimwear sales are donated to the Marine Conservation Society in the UK. The nautical-themed trunks are available in eight different colors with a cost of €88 ($99) each and are meant to last longer than other similar products, meaning less waste. The Seaqual…