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Joe Biden’s Insane War On The Oil And Gas Industry

Joe Biden wants to take one of the great American success stories of the last several decades — and drive it into the ground. He would turn his back on the stupendous wealth represented by proven reserves of oil and…

NASA to announce mysterious moon discovery on Monday

NASA’s upcoming news conference on October 26, 2020 promises “an exciting new discovery about the moon,” with references to the agency’s ambitious Artemis program, a plan to send the first woman and next man to the lunar surface in 2024.

Biden’s Slow-Motion Plan To Destroy America’s Energy Industry

President Trump had several good moments in the final debate, as Andrea Widburg noted in her excellent curation here. In my own view, the standout moment came last, when Trump just drew out Joe Biden on energy, first on fracking, and then…

A new technique predicts how earthquakes would affect a city’s hospitals

An international research team has developed a methodology to help disaster preparedness officials in large cities make contingency plans on a region-wide basis to make sure that emergency responders can get patients to the hospital facilities that are likeliest to remain in commission after a quake.


5 Tips For More Sustainable Home Lighting

In an older home, lighting fixtures are a leading cause of poor lighting, high electricity bills, and household waste. Whether it’s a stormy day and too dark to keep the lights off or it’s late at night and the sun set hours ago, you need the lights on, but it also drives up your electricity […]

Myanmar Eradicates Disease That Caused Blindness in 4% of Its People—The 12th Nation To Do So

Though trachoma is preventable, blindness from trachoma is irreversible–and it continues to be one of the leading causes of blindness globally, affecting 1.9 million people around the world.  In good news from Myanmar, the World Health Organization has validated that the disease has been eliminated from the country: This is extra impressive, because in 2005, […]

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Researchers provide most detailed and complete record yet of Earth’s last magnetic reversal

(Research Organization of Information and Systems) Earth’s magnetic fields typically switch every 200 to 300 millennia. Yet, the planet has remained steady for more than twice that now, with the last magnetic reversal occurring about 773,000 years ago. A team of researchers based in Japan now has a better understanding of the geophysical events leading up to the switch and how Earth has responded since then.

Poll: The world is worried about the coronavirus. It’s equally concerned about climate change. –

Even amid a pandemic that has killed more than 1 million people, infected over 40 million, and tanked economies, people around the world are still extremely worried about the threat posed by climate change. A recent poll from the Pew…

Eco-Rape Of Africa: Hamburg Power Plants To Use Namibia Bush Wood For Fuel

To meet its CO2 reductions targets, Hamburg plans to deforest Africa in order to substitute coal with wood at its power plants! Substituting coal with wood from Africa German environmental protection group ROBIN WOOD here recently issued a press release…